7 Best Fungicide for Powdery Mildew (2022 Reviews & Guide)

Powdery mildew appears in humid conditions. Sometimes fungicide is the only solution to treat. This guide will help you to choose the best fungicide for powdery mildew.

New groups of fungicides are emerging in the market daily. It is very hard to decide best for your lawn or garden. Some factors like inert material and active ingredient influence the price and ability of fungicide. However, these two factors are not enough to decide on your selection.


Tips for buying Powdery Mildew fungicide

IPM conditions (source) are now very strong and recommended for us to purchase environment-friendly products. Residual effect and less effect of fungicides on human health can be two best factors to judge before the selection of fungicide. Here are some tips.

Accurate diagnoses

Sometimes we are confused about symptoms of powdery mildew with downy mildew or any nutritional imbalance.

Always keep in mind that powdery mass will appear in later stages. In the first stage of the disease, it can be confusing with downy mildew as yellow spots will appear in patches.

There is a symptom chart available on the internet for comparison of symptoms. Compare it with a chart and ask from plant pathologist for confirmation.

Label recommendations

There are clear instructions on the label of every fungicide product. Some organic fungicides can be used in the home without any fear of side effects.

Most of the fungicides can be harmful to animals or pets near to the application. Fishes are very sensitive to fungicides so spray away from the pond.

Solution and Application Requirements

Every product has specific recommendations on it regarding the application and proper solution or mixing.

Some fungicides have an active ingredient in large amounts which require more dilutions for use. Some fungicide needs low dilutions otherwise they are not effective.

If you want to spray in a small area then a water bottle is enough with a spraying nozzle. If your priority is lawn or garden go for any best sprayer available in the market. There are some precautions while spraying fungicides.

7 Best Fungicide for powdery mildew

Actinovate Lawn And Garden Fungicide

Actinovate is the least-known miraculous fungicide that works on almost all cool and warm-season lawn grasses. The Actinovate lawn and garden fungicide is labeled as “Biological fungicide”.

This organic fungicide is manufactured not only to protect the lawn grasses but ornamentals and vegetables as well. It works exceptionally well on common fungus pathogens.

With giving relief from common fungus diseases the Actinovate lawn and garden fungicide control soil-borne diseases like pythium, phytophthora, fusarium, verticillium, and Rhizoctonia, etc.

  • BiologicalnWorks for both foliar and soil lawn and garden diseasesnEasy to use
  • Got a few negative reviews nA bit pricey

Spectracide 100507462 Immunox Multi-Purpose Fungicide

It is the best-rated fungicide on amazon. For better use apply this fungicide as preventive and apply at the first sign for efficient control. When you will see powdery mass it is severe attack use this in recommended concentration and scheduling.

You should be aware of the initial symptoms of powdery mildew. When brown spots will appear, apply this fungicide. This fungicide is a multi-purpose fungicide. You can use the diseases like dollar rot, black spot, and most important powdery mildew.

It is tested for roses plants by hundred of owners and found helpful against the pathogen. You should know scheduling like moderate symptoms only requires two intervals of fungicide. For severe diseases, you can use more doses.

Another shiny feature of this fungicide is that it will not wash out even with rain and sprinkler. Some recommendations are made by the brand for the control of powdery mildew on your rose plants. Treat roses on the schedule of 7 to 10 days

When treating azaleas, mountain laurel, or rhododendrons, begin spraying when flowers start to show color. For douglas fir slash pine and loblolly pine 3 fl oz/gallon of water.

Application care is recommended as featured for every chemical. Brand recommendations for the application are following.

  • Trigger bottle sprayer
  • Pump up sprayer
  • Dial style hose-end sprayer

Myclobutanil is an active ingredient with some inert material. This fungicide was found effective against powdery mildew in all plants either ornamental or vegetables. You should know the accurate concentration and usage guide for better use. It will not cause a burn if used according to the guide.

  • Contains myclobutanil, system fungicide with maximum efficiencynMulti disease controlnEasy application method.best stacking abilitynA systemic fungicide that moves into the systemnVery cheap and affordablen
  • The not famous active ingredientnExcessive use can cause burningnWorks better prior to infectionn

BioAdvanced 701270A Effective Fungicide

The active ingredient is propiconazole which is effective against powdery mildew. Although not specifically made for the control of powdery mildew but it is equally effective against severe attacks of powdery mildew.

Propiconazole is a foliar systemic fungicide. It interrupts the system of fungus. Bio advance is very specific in function and breaks the special pattern of pathogens, It will be absorbed by your plants to trigger immunity against the pathogen.

Mildew symptoms appear on the leaves. Powdery mass needs a coating of fungicides for effective control and bio advanced work in this phenomenon very best. It provides a guard against pathogen fruiting bodies

Coverage area and efficiency of active material are best from all available fungicides in the market. It can treat 5000 sq ft. After a single application, it is effective for next month.

It is a multi-purpose fungicide. It can control mites and many fungi associated diseases from your lawn.some major diseases; like rot, brown patch and lawn rust can easily be controlled.

There is no side effect of this product if used according to the recommendations table. Make proper concentration. Overdose can burn your plants or grass. The low dose will not be effective against the disease. A dilution table is mentioned on the product for customer ease.

There are some general recommendations for the use of fungicides that are effective against every fungicide application.

It is better to keep away your animal or pet. If you have some indoor plants, bring them out for application. Use gloves and spray in a separate suit. That is the best way to spray for maximum benefits without getting harmed.

  • Propiconzaloe works systemically to eradicate the severe infectionnAn advanced fungus with control of many diseasesnRainproof protection and great sticking abilityn
  • A higher dose can be toxicnNot specific disease associationn

Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz

This is amazon’s choice for the control of powdery mildew. It is a copper-based fungicide. copper-based fungicides are specifically made for the control of powdery mildew and downy mildew.

It is best for herbs, roses, fruits, and ornamental plants in your lawn or field. The active ingredient in liquid copper is copper octanoate or coper soap which is naturally occurring control of powdery and downy mildew diseases.

The product is tested against powdery mildew on many plants. It is tested and effective against powdery mildew on cucurbits and all ornamental plants. It has very specific action and can eradicate pathogens within days.

Follow scheduling according to the product label. If you apply this fungicide according to recommendations label it will eradicate pathogen quickly. In severe cases apply after every two weeks.

There are no extra precautions to follow. It will fulfil all your organic gardening needs. this fungicide has no side effect and can be used safely around pets and people.

  • Environmental friendly, use around people and petsnProduct instantly mixes with water and can be used easily with any sprayernMost advanced fungicide as compared to another one in the listn
  • Excess use can be toxic for plantsnCopper-based and organic so action can delayn

Growers Trust Powdery Mildew Killer Non-Toxic, Biodegradable

It is a biodegradable and non-toxic fungicide in the list. Formulated to attack powdery mildew spores immediately. It is not specific for lawns, can be used for crops and vegetables. It is a broad action fungicide and moves into the system of plants and disturb the system of fungi with quick action.

Whether it is a well-established winery or hydroponic garden powdery mildew can wreak havoc on a property. It has two folded mechanism for the control of powdery mildew. Preventive and curative. It is better to use chemicals prior to infection. If you use this chemical before infection it will delay or reduce forecast.it will prevent disease if already appeared in the lawn or field

Systemic fungicides have quick action and the mechanism is very specific.it retards germ tube growth and spore germination. It lowers and infects the level of k+ ions which are essential for mycelium growth.it retards mycelium proliferation.

It is nontoxic because it is made with 100% plant extracts.there is no need for specific precautions as it will cause any burning or toxicity.

The product is reviewed by thousands of farmers and house owners and found it helpful against more than 30 diseases. If you have some other diseases like brown spot, black spot, downy mildew, this fungicide should be your choice.

  • Environment-friendly and biodegradablenMade with plant extracts, no side effectnVery quick action against powdery mildewn
  • Made with plant extracts no long term actionnCostly as compared to another one in the listn

Serenade Garden AGRSER32 Disease Control

The product is made by a famous Bayer brand so quality is not questionable.

It is also used against the control of many diseases like powdery mildew, black spot, rust, and blight. It works perfectly on ornamental plants, medicinal herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Serenade garden be used from flowering to harvest in the filed.

The product is tested on kitchen gardeners and farmers against powdery mildew. It works perfectly in lawns and fields. In vegetables, it kills powdery mildew of cucurbits and in lawn effective against powdery mildew on roses or grass.

Correct scheduling and proper use can enhance the activity of fungicide.like other fungicides there are no special recommendations for this one. Although it is chemical based butI IPM based so no harmful effect.

Serenade is nontoxic as compared to other chemicals.it is better to use it according to label requirement for maximum efficiency. Dilutions should be made according to a scheduling plan and method of application.

You can use any type of sprayer for application. Very easy to use with bottle sprayer. if you want to control powdery mildew from your lawn it is the best product in the list.

  • Broad-spectrum fungicidenSerenade has no side effectnSpecific for powdery mildewn
  • Excess of use can be toxicn

Fertilome F-Stop Lawn and Garden Fungicide

Fertilome is building some innovative products against lawn diseases. This product is Myclobutanil based and effective against powdery mildew, black spot, and other lawn diseases.

It is effective if powdery mildew appears in fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, or shrubs.

if you use it prior to infection it will work perfectly. this fungicide has a very advanced active ingredient that can eradicate diseases in days. Begin applications early in the season when conditions are favorable for disease development [such as cloudy, wet weather.

The application method is the same as other fungicides in the list. Reapply fungicide if rain washes it out. Do not apply if temperatures are 90°F or higher as damage to plants may occur. Apply in the early morning or evening.

  • Easy to use with easy dilutionsnSpecific action with the new active ingredientnSpecific product against powdery mildewn
  • Not sticky as compared to another onenVaporize in high temperaturen

Phyton 35 8 oz. Bactericide Fungicide

Phyton brought their product after testing against powdery mildew. That is systemic fungicides can disrupt the internal system of fungicides. It can eradicate the fungus from residues.

If your plant is suffering from pythium and powdery mildew at the same time, it is the best formula. It can be used for ornamental plants, herbs, and shrubs.

Phyton has a very specific mechanism. If you apply it before disease, it will circulate in the plant body for 21 days. It is better to applicate it before the infection for better results.

Phyton 35 is a solution (not a suspension) that leaves no visible residue and won’t clog spray nozzles. There is no special recommendation about the application method as it is non-toxic.

  • Nontoxic, so no specific precautions for carenBroad-spectrum and systemic fungiciden
  • Excessive use can be toxicnCostly as compared to other

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Application Recommendations

There are some safety measures when you want to apply fungicide against powdery mildew.

Physical care

Always use eye goggles because fungicides residue can be harmful to your eyes. Use gloves for skincare and later to prevent residues ingestion. If you have indoor plants or pot plants, it is recommended to put them out.

Mixture preparation

There are specific instructions sheets inside the fungicides. Read about the concentration of chemicals and use according to recommendations. A high dose of fungicide concentration can burn plants. Actually two things you should keep in mind:

  • High concentration can burn the plants
  • Low concentration is not effective against the disease

Mix according to concentration for high benefits and no side effects to plants. Use separate cloths during application and never touch with bare hands.

Fungicide schedule

Most of the fungicides are recommended to use after every 15 days. That is not a condition to apply after every 15 days, but it can be recommended for most of the fungicides. Some fungicides are used as forecast to prevent disease

Powdery mildew appears in a humid and wet environment. It is better to use it as a forecast to kill the fungus. Using fungicide prior to infection is more beneficial. If the disease is not controlled by a dose of fungicide, change the fungicide schedule and ask from Phyto doctor for a better recommendation.

For Fruiting Plants

Fungicide has residual effects on fruit plants. If you apply fungicide, it is better to not use it for 10 days at least. Remove infected fruits from plants. Never consume dead or infected fruits. Allow new blossoms to become fruit and eat fruit without the residual effect of the chemical.

Weather Requirements

Epidemiological factors play an important role in the spread of disease. Weather requirements are important for the application of fungicide.

If you apply fungicide before the rain, it will wash out from plants. This will be a loss in money and can be harmful to drinking water next time. If you apply after rain it will dilute more due to water on the leaves of plants.

Depending on fungicide concentration, never apply it in hot weather it can evaporate. Apply fungicide early in the morning or evening.

Different type of fungicides

Fungicides are categorized on the basis of groups like organic or inorganic. On the basis of mode of application, fungicides are categorized into the following types.

Contact Fungicides

Contact fungicides usually cover foliar diseases. Contact fungicides cover leaves and can not move into the system of the plant. They inhibit fungus growth on the surfaces of plant leaves. Contact fungicides are beneficial against many diseases. Some common types of contact fungicides are 

  • Mancozeb
  • Maneb
  • Sulfur 
  • Copper

Systemic Fungicides

As the name is indicating, systemic fungicides move into the system of plants. These fungicides produce the ability in plants to survive against the pathogen. Some systemic fungicides have a translaminar mode of action and move from leaf to leaf.

Translaminar mode of action

If the infection is established, it is better to use a systemic fungicide. systemic fungicides suppress fungal growth by disturbing body systems. Here are some common systemic fungicides.

  • Metalaxyl
  • Dimethomarph
  • Thiphenate methyl

Conditions for Pathogen Growth

Cool and humid conditions are favorable for pathogen growth. When days are warm and nights are cool, powdery mildew ill grows more. Excess use of nitrogen also enhances the development of the disease. Use fungicides in heavily shaded areas because it is more severe in shaded areas.

Symptoms of powdery mildew

➊ The first small lesion appears on leaves, often confused with downy mildew. These brown spots appeared shriveled later.

➋ Mats of powdery mass developed by mycelium. White or grayish patches on leaves will appear.

➌ Fungus fruiting bodies that appear as powdery mass can be seen with the naked eye.

➍ Powdery mass will cover leaves so a reduction in photosynthesis and chlorosis can be observed.

➎ Early symptoms are blistering or chlorotic signs on leaves

Management and prevention

Plant in sunny areas. Prevent your plants in shady areas as it is a favorite condition for pathogen growth. Prevent crowding, make proper air circulation for better growth and dispersal of pathogens. Remove weeds from the field or lawn.

Sometimes we use fertilizer in excess quantity which is harmful. Always use the best fertilizer according to the recommendation. Higher doses of nitrogen are very harmful to plants. The higher dose of nitrogen enhances powdery mildew in plants.

Proper pruning practices should be done. It is better to remove and destroy initially infected leaves and plants in the garden.

Don’t overwater your field it will increase humidity and wet conditions which are favorable for pathogen growth.

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Can Powdery Mildew be Cured?

Yes, powdery mildew can be cured. There are some methods to control powdery mildew either in the field or lawn. You can control by maintaining dry conditions in your field. There are a lot of chemical fungicides available in the market against powdery mildew.

What is the best treatment for powdery mildew?

Better treatment is prevention. You can prevent powdery mildew by keeping dry conditions. Always maintain water balance and nutrient requirements in your field or garden. Powdery mildew better grows in wet conditions. If powdery mildew appears, use any best fungicide available in the market.

What is the best Fungicide for Powdery mildew?

Spectracide 100507462 Immunox 
BioAdvanced 701270A Effective Fungicide
Bonide 811 Copper 4E Fungicide 16oz
Serenade Garden AGRSER32 

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