8 Best Fertilizers for Pachysandra Terminalis (Reviews & Grower Guide) 2022

Looking for a Pachysandra Terminalis fertilizer? Are you overwhelmed by the number of fertilizers the shopkeepers and your fellas are suggesting? It’s alright to get intimidated as I know how important those little heads are to you.

Pachysandra Terminalis is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the boxwood family. It’s an excellent ground cover for shady areas. Like almost all species of plants, they need good fertilizing, a careful watering schedule, and an annual trim to stay neat and healthy.

The fertilizing requirement of pachysandra is balanced 20-20-20 

Watering and trimming are off-topic for today’s discussion, we are here to discuss some promising fertilizer options for pachysandra’s growth.

They have worked for me and my fellow gardeners but that doesn’t mean they would work for you the same way.

All of them are great for roots, stems, leaves, and blooming. Remember! Identifying the problem is more important than looking for a solution. If you haven’t identified the problem yet it’s useless to look for a solution. And if you already know what’s troubling your pachysandra then this guide would help you for sure.  

Done talking, Have a look quick before we get into the details.

Best Fertilizer for Pachysandra

1. Schultz all-purpose water-soluble plant food(20-20-20)

Schultz comes into our minds when we look for fertilizers for our garden buddies. This all-purpose plant food is made to encourage new growth and bring the weaker plants to good health.

Balanced 20-20-20(20% nitrogen, 20% phosphorus, and 20% potassium) formula helps in bringing stability to plant life.

Nitrogen aids in rapid growth and leaf development. Phosphorus keeps the respiratory and energy transferring systems intact. And the potassium content supplies the important minerals and vitamins to the needed parts of plants.

This fast-acting fertilizer that believes in feeding like nature is equally beneficial for indoor and outdoor plants. It promotes better coloring and healthy root formation.


  • Water-soluble
  • Balanced formula 
  • Works for exceptionally weaker plants
  • Easy to use, easy to dissolve 
  • Adds less garbage to the environment


  • No noticeable con yet

2. Mother Earth liquicraft  bloom 2-4-4 liquid fertilizer

Mother Earth liquicraft bloom liquid fertilizer is another great invention for fruit, flowering, and blooming plants. It is made to provide nutritional support in all crucial stages of plant development.

Double phosphorus and potassium, with supplying nutrients, keep the plant respiratory and photosynthetic processes healthy. It also helps in building healthier stems and roots. Phosphorus brings exceptional disease resistance in nearly dead plants.

Highly recommended for younger and established pachysandra, annual flowers, shrubs, roses, herbs, and vegetables. Comes in an easy to use form.


  • Establishes vibrant and vigorous roots
  • Easy to use liquid fertilizer 
  • Promotes healthy roots


  • Lesser-known got no reviews
  • useless for nitrogen-deficient soils

3. Schultz bloom plus (10-54-10) water-soluble fertilizer

Schultz Bloom plus is formulated for bigger and beautiful blooms. The ingredients are combined specifically to provide nutritional support to the plants.

Concentrated high phosphorus plant food encourages blooms, flowering, and fruit formation. The thoughtfully made hose adaptable design makes the repetitive use easy and enjoyable. This shake- and -apply easy-to-use formula saves time and cost.

With pachysandra, it works for roses, tomatoes, berries, vegetables, houseplants, flowering vines, flowering shrubs, bedding plants, Magnolias, seedlings, bulbs, and perennial. 


  • Hose adaptable design
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Water-soluble


  • Focuses on blooms 

4. Soil Moist NitroGreen water-soluble organic fertilizer

This nitrogen-rich soil moist organic fertilizer is popular in the states where using phosphorus is illegal. The all-in-one solution for plants and vegetables comes in an easy-to-use form. 

The plant-based composition keeps the pachysandra’s safety on top of its priorities. The OMRI listed soil moist nitrogen goes into the soil and rewards the roots with all the needed nutrients a plant needs to grow.

The soil Moist nitrogreen fertilizer is enriched with nitrogen that helps the plants in performing various processes, including photosynthesis. It helps in the growth and reproduction of cells that are necessary for steady growth. Works remarkably well for all plants and vegetables including pachysandra.


  • Easy application, can be used dry or as a water solution
  • OMRI approved
  • Improves overall growth
  • Does not burn
  • Organic, plant-based
  • Delivers nutrients immediately 


  • Lesser-known
  • Not a specific pachysandra fertilizer

5. Grow More Hawaiian bud and bloom water-soluble fertilizer

Grow More’s bud and bloom fertilizer is one solution for several plant problems and diseases. The cheap but effective formula is made to work for the whole plant body.

5-50-17 formula (5% nitrogen, 50% phosphorus, 17% potassium) gives a healthy boost by improving the growth of new tissues.

This phosphorus-rich fertilizer is highly recommended for spindly, thin stemmed, stunted plants, and exceptionally weak pachysandra. It also helps in turning the older dark-bluish green leaves into a bright green eye-catching color.

It shows results within a few weeks. It can be used for pachysandra, fruiting, even colored foliage, all flowering tropical and neotropical plants.


  • Works for spindly, thin stemmed plants
  • Fast results
  • Promotes new growth


  • Not a balanced formula, high phosphorus content

6. Seachem flourish advance growth supplement

The advanced seachem growth supplement formula is designed to fix the dead and weak plant dramatically. The phytohormones, minerals, and nutrients help in lifting the plant by establishing a stronger and healthier root system.

The ingredients, when absorbed by the roots, aids in cell division, seed germination, root growth, stress response, and induction of photosynthesis gene expression.

Regular use(as directed by the company) would not only improve the health and enhance the disease resistance of pachysandra and aquatic plants.


  • Nontoxic
  • Helps in cell division, seed germination, and root development 


  • Built for aquatic plants

7. Bonide bontone rooting powder Hormone root fertilizer

Bonide is a gardener trusted brand that has been providing solutions to garden problems since 1926. Because of their extraordinary products, Bonide has gained a good reputation not only in the USA but in other developed countries as well.

Bonide bontone rooting powder is specifically formulated to nourish and flourish the roots of pachysandra, geranium, poinsettias, and many other plants.

Improving and enhancing roots also stimulates cell growth and tissue differentiation. Comes in easy-to-use-form makes it easy to use and spread.


  • Stimulate root development
  • Works for various plants including pachysandra


  • Focuses on roots only

8. Seachem flourish tabs growth supplement

Seachem flourish growth supplement contains growth booster tablets that nourish the plants with minerals and vitamins they need. For the sake of nutrients, these tablets are inserted into the soil to bring the plants to good health. 

It contains iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, inositol, biotin, protein hydrolysates, boric acid, ferrous gluconate, cobalt sulfate, copper sulfate, choline B12, and various amino acids, and vitamins.

For optimal growth and nourishment, it is recommended to insert the tablets in the soil every three to four weeks. One good advantage to use this for the nourishment of the plants is that it does not disturb the PH of the soil.


  • Does not disturb the PH of the soil
  • Contains all necessary vitamins and minerals 


  • Works best for aquatic plants

Generally, lawn and garden ornaments like pachysandra grow best in soils that are rich in organic matter. Pachysandras are not heavy feeders but they still sometimes need a fertilizer aid to glow and look healthy. It’s hard to find a specific pachysandra fertilizer in the market but since they do not require much to grow a general all-purpose fertilizer is enough to meet the demands.

These were the few tried and tested options but the story didn’t end here there are some other fertilizers as well that are rumored to be helpful for pachysandra. The list of best fertilizers for pachysandra is incomplete without these options so here I am naming them as well.

  • Fertili-tea plant growth fertilizer supplement
  • Handy pantry sprouting azomite trace mineral fertilizer
  • Miracle-Gro performance organics all-purpose plant nutrition
  • Burpee natural organic all-purpose granular plant food
  • Dynamite all-purpose indoor outdoor plant food
  • Lilly Miller all-purpose planting and growing food
  • Earthworm technologies TeaDrops organic all-purpose plant food

Pachysandra Terminalis Growing Guide

Pachysandra Terminalis Growing Guide

Since there are not any specific pachysandra fertilizers so it’s hard to tell what’s good and what’s not for pachysandra. Knowing the basics and nutritional requirements would ease up the fertilizing hunt. So here are the basics and the requirements of pachysandra.

Like all plants and trees, it needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow. A balanced 12-12-12 or a fertilizer that is low in phosphorus and potassium but rich in nitrogen 8-5-5 is a great deal for pachysandra’s health. To ease the fertilizing hunt I have broken the problematic stages of pachysandra’s development into the following cases.

For deep greening

If you solely need fertilizer for pachysandra’s deep greening then I would recommend going for the fertilizer that contains a valuable amount of iron or sulfur. Having these two or even one of these two would bring really good results. Seachem flourish tabs growth supplement contains iron so it would help with the greening.

For blooming

It’s a total waste of money if you go and look for a health booster for the pachysandra that is not blooming properly. And it’s also not true that healthy pachysandra would bloom anyway. So, a bloom booster like Schultz bloom plus (10-54-10) water-soluble fertilizer, Grow More Hawaiian bud and bloom water-soluble fertilizer and Mother Earth liquicraft bloom(2-4-4) liquid fertilizer is ideal for this job.

For thinner and weaker pachysandra

For exceptionally week pachysandra a fertilizer that contains enough nitrogen phosphorus and potassium is needed to boost health.  As nitrogen promotes growth and green color, phosphorus brings new roots, flowers, and fruit, and potassium speeds up the growing process. So in such circumstances, Bonide Montone rooting powder-Hormone root fertilizer, Soil Moist NitroGreen water-soluble organic fertilizer, and Seachem flourish an advanced growth supplement is a fine option.

For better overall health

If the pachysandra is moderately growing, looks healthy but dull know that it’s time to find a balanced overall health booster. In this case, Schultz all-purpose water-soluble plant food(20-20-20), Seachem flourish tabs growth supplement, Seachem flourish advance growth supplement is highly recommended for the betterment of pachysandra.

These were my recommendations for the said purposes. But I have something more to shed light on. Half knowledge is dangerous, and when this article is all about fertilizing pachysandra let’s get into the basics.

What is the ideal time to fertilize pachysandra?

It’s highly recommended to treat pachysandra with a balanced 12-12-12 or 8-5-5 (in the case of less fertile soil) at the time of plantation. Like humans and other living things, this growing stage is crucial so the pachysandra is more in need of nutrients to grow.

The second stage when it gets super important to fertilize pachysandra is when it starts showing new heads. But if the growth is not up to your expectations, giving fertilizer as a treat in spring or fall would be great.

Find a slow-release fertilizer

Even if they are not heavy feeders, find a slow-release fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizers keep on rewarding the plants for a longer period. So, it’s fruitful to find the said fertilizer for balanced healthy growth.

Liquid or granular?

Both are fine if you are unable to find the slow-release fertilizer for your pachysandra. The trick, in this case, is to follow the instructions.

Lastly, I would suggest you go for the ingredients, not the brand. Expensive brands are just making you pay for the name. And always do a soil test before making a purchase. Each plant’s case is different so it’s hard to recommend a general-purpose fertilizer for all pachysandra’s problems.

Get professional help to deal with the issues effectively. Find the suitable solutions, compare the option, and then ask yourself is this the solution to your plant’s problem? Remember! A thoughtful purchase would save you time and energy. So, invest wisely. 

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