Best Fertilizers for Hydrangeas – 2022 Reviews + Grower Guide

Hydrangeas are found among the popular flowering plants that produce a variety of resilient and charming colorful blooms throughout the summer and fall.

The flowers growing on this shrub varies in shades from pink, purple, and blue and it also comes in selections of green, red, and white. A vast variety of blossom shapes, colors, plant sizes, and textures is found among these flowering bushes.

Hydrangeas bushes come in various varieties and the major one is:

  • Mountain hydrangea
  • Panicle hydrangea
  • Bigleaf hydrangea
  • Smooth hydrangea
  • Oakleaf hydrangea
  • Climbing hydrangea

Hydrangeas are perennial shrubs that can grow up to the height of 15 feet and with 12 feet widening. They can grow fastly to the height of feet in a single summer due to their fast-growing habit.

Hydrangea plants are becoming popular among American gardens due to their unique shape like snowball-style flowers. 

Like other flowering plants, hydrangea also needs the proper feeding to flourish and grow colorful blooms. Supplementary feeding of hydrangea during the growing season is a major thing to concern if you want to achieve colorful blooms.

Therefore, choosing the right fertilizer and timely application is an important thing while going to fertilizing the hydrangeas. These two right steps will help you to grow larger blooms.


Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best fertilizer for hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are considered easy growing plants as they do not need much fertilizer but timely application is the most important thing to care for.

This step is the most important step in fertilizing the hydrangeas as the right proportion of nutrients supplied to your plants totally depends on the right choice of fertilizer.

The 10-15-10 ratio of NPK is considered the best proportion as the acid-loving plants mainly need phosphorus for producing blooms.

Fertilizer is the main required item of the plants after water and soil. It feeds the plants instantly which helps them to grow blooms with vibrant colors. Besides growth-enhancing, the development of roots is also dependent on fertilizer application.

The fertilizer choice totally depends on these things factors:

1. Soil bed preparation

The soil condition and preparation before fertilization is the main factor in choosing the fertilizer. The frequency of fertilizer application of each fertilizer is prescribed by the manufacturer how many times that fertilizer has to be applied.

All varieties of hydrangeas get benefit from the property-prepared flowerbed. As if the flowerbed is prepared well then the capacity of the drain of the soil will be good. 

Hydrangeas like light soil have a good drain. If your soil is clayey then you need to add compost and shredded leaves to the soil.

The organic compounds in the form of compost, bark, and leaves are the major source of organic nutrients. These nutrients will help to build up the fertile soil that helps to retain more moisture in the soil.

2. Types of fertilizer

Vast varieties of fertilizers are found in the market for fertilizing the hydrangeas. All of these fertilizers have different natures from organic to inorganic, from slow releasing to fast releasing.

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is considered a good source of nutrients as they build up the soil structure with time due to its decomposition. 

Compost is the best option if you want to use organic sources. The fertilizer added compost blend is also available in the market by various producers.

Slow-release fertilizer

Slow releasing fertilizers are the best choice if you are worrying due to leaching losses of nutrients. These fertilizers remain available to the plants for longer times. 

The main benefit of these fertilizers is that there are much fewer burn losses of these slow-releasing fertilizers. As fertilizer burn can cause the roots damage and kill the plants.

Slow releasing fertilizers are the best choice by many experts as you don’t need to worry about fertilizing your plants every two or three weeks. But you can also choose the fast-releasing option if you want instant results.

Granular and liquid fertilizer

The other forms of fertilizer available are granular or liquid fertilizers. These fertilizers do show great results in less time as they become readily available through the leaves to the plants. 

Granular fertilizer is also a great choice as you just need to shake it well and mix it thoroughly into the soil.

Reviews: Best Hydrangea Fertilizer 

Here are some popular fertilizers listed that are reviewed by the industry and experts. These fertilizers will help your plants to thrive and produce tons of blooms.

1. Miracle-Gro Plant Food Fertilizer for Acid Loving Plants

Miracle-Gro has its name among the popular brands in the fertilizer industry. They produce vast products for almost all types of plants. In the same way, this food formulated by Miracle-Gro is also not less than any miracle in work.

This fertilizer is a great product for acid-loving plants. Due to its fast-acting nature, it is a great choice for people-related gardening. It instantly feeds the plants and helps to produce lush foliage with brighter blooms.

The application of this fertilizer is also varied simply as you just need to add this food to plants every two weeks for great results.

Like other fertilizer products, this product is also great for many plants as:

  • Hibiscus
  • Hollies
  • Camellias
  • Azaleas
  • Gardenias
  • Hydrangeas
  • Rhododendron
  • Orchids

If you want to do the application of any other food to your plants you can mix them with this fertilizer. For applying this fertilizer you will not need to buy any special feeder as you can apply them by watering cans or any fertilizing sprayer you have.

The best thing about this product is that it has micronutrient concentration in it which makes it a unique blend that supports the plant in each way. It was known as the miracle in older times but after its name was changed to Miracle-Gro.

This blend comes in the packing of 1.5 pounds and it will be a little confusing for some people with so much small packing but once you have applied this fertilizer you will start loving it and you will order it again.

Many bloom boosters are also found in the market that help your pants to produce many larger blooms in no time. The foods for Azaleas and roses can also work for fertilizing the hydrangeas.

  • Helps acid-loving plantsnFeeds the roots promoting quicknInstantly feeds acid-loving plants for lush foliagenMore, beautiful flowers and biggern
  • No cons yetn

2. Dr. Earth 703P Organic 4 Azalea/Camellia/Rhododendron Acid Fertilizer

When it comes to organic fertilizer sources, Dr. Earth is always listed at the top of the list. This is a top-quality organic fertilizer that can be applied to a vast variety of plants.

Due to its organic nature, it does only have natural ingredients. It is a hand-crafted blend having probiotics and it does have seven strains of soil microbes in it. It does also have endo and ectomycorrhizae which give your plants a continuous food source for many months.

This product comes in the packing of a 4-pound polybag and it is safer for pets and children due to organic ingredients. This 4-pound food can be applied to 80 small plants and 16 large-sized plants. 

The best thing about this product is its fast nutrient releasing nature which shows faster results in the growth of plants. However, a single application of this fertilizer can keep your plants nutrified for longer times.

Its acidic nature makes the soil more acidic which helps the flowering plants to produce more and healthier blooms. Hydrangeas are also acid-loving plants so they will also thrive and love this feed which will result in the form of larger blooms.

The main benefit of organic food is the enhancement of sol structure to enhance its capacity to retain moisture which will help in the cases of drought. 

This fertilizer is best for applying nutrients to a vast variety of plants. Some of these plants are listed here:

  • Azaleas
  • Ferns
  • Hydrangeas
  • Camellia
  • Shade plants
  • Maple
  • Hollies
  • Gardenias
  • Evergreen 
  • Blueberries
  • 100-Percent organic formulanEnhanced nutrient availabilitynProvides continuous feed for several monthsnOrganic in naturen
  • Some people may not like its smelln

3. BONIDE PRODUCTS INC Bonide 56429 Pink Fertilizer

This Bonide fertilizer is a valuable source of fertilizer for the hydrangeas to produce pink flowers. It is specially formulated by a BONIDE company for hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas are considered the best flowering bushy plant that can produce a vast variety of colored flowers. All you need to do is to apply the specialized color formulation fertilizer.

By applying this Bonide fertilizer the pink-colored blooms will appear in heavy amounts.

The best thing about this product is that it is a water-soluble product and you can apply it by mixing and sprinkling it over the plants. It comes in a packing jar weighing 2.75 pounds.

Before applying this fertilizer, you need to test the pH of the soil and if you don’t have a soil pH tester you should purchase it from the market. Then after reading the directions of use on the package apply the recommended dose by measuring through the scoop provided along with the product.

Generally, this product is not a fertilizer substitute however it is an additive product. The active ingredient of this food is pelletized lime which is naturally alkaline in nature that will raise the pH of the soil. 

The application of this food is very easy and you don’t need to mix any other thing with it.

  • Lowers Soil PhnTurns Hydrangeas BluenHelp acidify the soil to turn your hydrangeas bluen
  • Do not mix any other food during applicationn

4. Scotts Company 185001 Garden Pro Water Soluble Miracid Acid Loving Plant Food

This Miracid acid-loving plant food is formulated by the Scotts company and this water-soluble product is formulated by Miracle-Gro brand. This is specially formulated to feed acid-loving plants like hydrangea and rhododendrons.

The best thing about this product is its water-soluble nature which makes the availability of the nutrients to the plants very easy through the leaves as well as through the roots. 

After applying this food to your hydrangeas you will have a great boost in the growth of the bushes as well in their blooms. The blooms produced after this food application will be larger and brighter that will enhance the beauty of your garden to a full extent.

On the package of this food, instructions are provided by the company about the directions to use it. If you apply it as directed you will never face the problem of burning leaves. 

This food can be applied after mixing with the Miracle-Gro garden feeder or can be applied separately. It can be applied through the watering can.

Great thing is that it is not only made for hydrangeas but it can also be used for other acid-loving plants.

  • Helps acid-loving plants thrivenFeeds azalea, camellia, hydrangeanInstantly feeds acid-loving plants for lush foliagen
  • Not any consn

5. JR Peters Inc 59324 Jacks Classic Hydrangea Fertilizer

This formulation by JR Peters is a miracle food for hydrangeas. JP Peters is a well-known fertilizer producer for coconut trees as well as for many flowering plants like hibiscus.

In the same way this food product is also a great addition to the fertilizer industry for hydrangeas growth-enhancing. This product comes in the packing of a 1.5 pounds bucket so you can easily store it after use.

The best thing about this fertilizer is its water solubilizing nature which makes it a fast available nutrient source for hydrangeas plants. It does also contain aluminum sulfate which is good for plants only when it is applied as the recommended dose by the producer.

The presence of aluminum sulfate in the formulation enhances the production of blue-colored blooms and it does help the plants to thrive along with producing the lush green leaves with blue flowers.

But this food cannot convert the white hydrangeas to pink and blue colored blooms. 

The application is very simple as recommended in the instructions. You will see the results after a few weeks in the form of healthier leaves and colorful blooms.

  • A valuable product for hydrangeasnWater-solublenEnhances the blue colored hydrangea bloomsnEnriched with micronutrientsn
  • Leaves burning if not use as recommendsn

6. Espoma HT18 Holly Tone

This fertilizer by Espoma is a great formulation that comes in an 18-pound bag. It is a good source of organic fertilizer. This blend is best for fertilizing various types of plants that include:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Rhododendrons
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Azaleas
  • Evergreens
  • Acid loving plants

It has become a favorite fertilizer for many gardeners to fertilize their garden plants. Garden care professionals also recommend this fertilizer. All of this fame of this fertilizer is due to its great and long-lasting results by the previous users.

If you want to do fully organic gardening, then you will find this product a great choice as it will build up the soil structure and fertility level with time. 

The best thing about this product is the presence of Bio-tone Beneficial Microbes that are proprietary to this brand. No other product is found in the market that has this type of microbe.

This product comes in various packing sizes from 36 pounds to 50 pounds. We recommend you buy the larger pack as it is an all-rounder organic fertilizer and can be applied to various plants in your garden. 

Most of the flowering plants are acid-loving, so this fertilizer will be a good source for providing food to plants. It is a safe source of food as organic fertilizer does not harm the plants and they don’t need the addition of any chemical source food.

The organic nature of this food will help your plants to thrive fully and healthier with colorful blooms. Acid-loving plants love this food so recommended by the gardeners to the newest members. 

  • Approved For Organic GardeningnPlant Food For Acid-Loving PlantsnContains Proprietary Bio-Tone Beneficial Microbesn
  • Packing looks inexpensiven

7. Jobe’s Azalea, Camellia, & Rhododendron Fertilizer Spikes

As many gardeners know the benefits of spike fertilizer. In the same way, this spike fertilizer by the Jobe’s is a great product for acid-loving plants.

If you are thinking that this product name does not include the hydrangeas then you do not need to worry as all of these fertilizers recommended by lawn desire are reviewed by the experts.

As the hydrangeas are also acid-loving plant-like Azaleas, Rhododendron so this fertilizer will also work for hydrangeas in the same way.

The best thing about this product is that you get the fertilizer in the form of spikes. That is a great thing. It releases the nutrients slowly over time when the plants need the nutrients.

The great thing is that you do not need to worry about runoff or leaching losses. It releases the nutrients according to the plant’s needs. 

The application of this fertilizer is also very simple as you just need to embed the spikes into the ground and that’s all.

The fertilization of this food is done during the spring and summer after the blooms have appeared on the plants.

The embedded spikes will provide the nutrients for about eight weeks of the plants. These spikes release the nutrients over time. 

This fertilizer is a convenient source of food for hydrangeas and acid-loving plants and this is a one-time application fertilizer source.

The nutrients released by this spike fertilizer take time so you have to wait for a few weeks to see the full results. 

  • Continuous nourishment for hydrangeasnNo wasteful runoffnTime release fertilizer for all acid-loving plants like hydrangeasn
  • Need the proper embedding of the spike to get better resultsn

8. J R Peters Jacks Classic No.4 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Fertilizer

This blossom booster fertilizer is a complete blend formulated by JR Peters. It is specially formulated for flowering plants. 

The 10-30-20 formula of this fertilizer clarifies its benefits on flowering plants. The high amount of phosphorus helps to boost blooms production.

The best thing about this product is the long time availability of nutrients to the plants by applying this fertilizer.

It promotes the vigorous growth of the plant as well as the flowers. 

It is blended with the micronutrients that provide optimal nutrition to the pants for producing lush green foliage and stronger roots.

If it is applied as directed then it will never harm the plants. 

The application is very easy due to its water-soluble nature. You can add the desired dose of food to the watering cans or the sprayer tank with the help of a spoon provided along with the product.

  • Blended with an enhanced micronutrientnProvides optimal nutrition for strong roots and green foliagenWater-solublenBoost the blooms productionn
  • May burn the leaves if not applied as recommendedn

9. Espoma UL30 Organic Soil Acidifier Fertilizer

Espoma is a well-known company producing fertilizers. In the same way this organic fertilizer is also a great option for fertilizing the hydrangeas. It acidifies the soil on the application which is a great thing for flowering plants.

This product comes in the packing of a 30 pounds bag that is well enough for fertilizing your plants for months.

It is a soil acidifier product that lowers the pH of the soil to the best level. This food is also best for organic gardening and you can apply this to any plants as you desire.

The best thing about this product is that it is all-natural ingredients and is safer for pets and children. This food does not have any traces of aluminum sulfate which can damage the pants.

It is a great option for fertilizing hydrangeas and blueberries. The application of this fertilizer enhances the blue-colored blooms’ production and their sizes as well.

Its slow-releasing nutrient release nature is also the reason for its popularity and it does not have sulfur. However, you should follow the instructions provided on the package for application. 

  • Best for blueberries and hydrangeasnLowers pH to the optimum rangenAll Natural; Approved for organic gardeningn
  • Packing is of low quality near some people

When to Fertilize Hydrangeas?

When to Fertilize Hydrangeas?

It is a very important factor to know the best time to fertilize the hydrangeas to get better results. The right time with the right amount is the main thing to consider to get healthier plants.

Burning of leaves can happen if the recommended dose is not applied at the right time. 

If you are applying the fast-releasing fertilizers then you need to apply them during the months of July, March, and May.

The recommended time to fertilize the hydrangeas is during the late spring and early summer seasons. You have to wait to fertilize the plants after leafing out if they don’t bloom.

The leaf out of most varieties happens during the early spring and they start to bloom in the middle of spring. These blooms appearing during the mid-spring will last throughout the summer. 

The time to fertilize also depends on the type of hydrangea you are growing.

If you have a reblooming hydrangea in your garden then you can expect them to again bloom throughout the summer. But you still need to fertilize them between the late spring and early summer. 

The time of application of each fertilizer depends on the type of fertilizer you are using and the period for how much time that fertilizer lasts providing the nutrients.

As some fertilizers can make available the nutrients for more than eight weeks but some only last for a week.

How to Take Care of Hydrangeas?

A healthy growing plant starts from the proper seeding and well-provided fertilizer. The growth of the hydrangeas totally depends on the availability of nutrients all the time. And this can be achieved just by applying the right proportion of nutrient fertilizer.

The hydrangea grows both in the pots and ground and both need their own special care.

After growing a hydrangea, the important thing is to take care of it so that it looks great in your garden. The care of hydrangea starts from growth to fully grown plants, pruning, fertilization, and watering.

If someone took considerable care of its hydrangeas then he would get the results in the form of brighter blooms throughout the season in his garden.

How often to Fertilize Hydrangeas?

After knowing when to fertilize hydrangeas the frequency of fertilization is also important thing to know. Each of the products has a different application schedule.

The fertilization of hydrangeas starts in March and the rule of thumb describes fertilizing every month.

If you live in much hotter or much colder regions where you cannot specify when the spring season is, then you need to follow the thumb rule to fertilize the hydrangeas every month.

Some fertilizers have proper directions of their use, mentioned clearly on the package. Mostly the fertilizers are applied every two weeks for a month then after this a month interval. 

If you applied the slow-releasing fertilizer then you don’t need to worry about again fertilizing for 2 to 3 months. These fertilizers are best for people who do not have the time for fertilization again and again.

However, fast-acting fertilizers tend to require applications more often.

Products are available in the market of every kind you want but always read the instructions carefully before applying.

How to Fertilize Hydrangeas?

Type of fertilizer is the main thing to consider while deciding how to fertilize? 

The fertilizers are in the form of pellets/granules, liquid, and pre-measured forms. Each form of fertilizer has its own way of application.

If you added the compost or organic material during the plantation of hydrangeas then you should apply the slow-releasing fertilizers to hydrangeas.

Pre-measured Spikes

This form of fertilizer is the easiest to use. All you need to do is to remove the spike from the bag and embed the spike into the soil with the help of a hammer. 

Before embedding spikes, always get the knowledge of its proper application.

After embedding the spikes, water the soil properly. The spike should be about 1 inch into the ground.

Liquid Fertilizer

If you choose to apply the liquid fertilizer then its application is also very common as you just need to pour the tap water into watering cans or sprayer cans.

After pouring water adds the recommended dose into the cans after reading the instructions and spraying it on the plants or the soil. 

If you don’t have the sprayer then simply add the fertilizer during the watering. 

Pellet/Solid Fertilizer

The most common and easy application is done by this type of fertilizer. Whether the fertilizer is in the form of granules or pellets you need to follow the directions of the manufacturer.

Simply spread the granules or pellets on the soil near the plant with the help of a scoop. After spreading, mix them into the top 1-inch soil and water them thoroughly.


Do I need to fertilize my hydrangeas?

No, the hydrangeas do not require to fertilize each year. Feeding the hydrangea with nitrogen-rich fertilizer enhances the leaves and blooms boosting.
If you have seen the leaves yellowing then follow the fertilization.

Is Miracle Grow good for hydrangeas?

All-purpose Miracle-Gro is a great fertilizer for hydrangeas. To get robust and healthy hydrangeas you must follow the fertilization along with sunshine and water.

Are coffee grounds good for hydrangeas?

Hydrangea blooms colors affected by the application of coffee grounds. The coffee grounds addition makes the soil acidic. 
The increased acidity will make it easy for the plants to absorb aluminum in the dirt. That will result in the form of blue-colored clusters of flowers.

When to prune hydrangeas

The pruning is mostly done in late winter or early spring. However, the climbing hydrangea is pruned after the flowering in summer.

What happens if you don’t prune hydrangeas?

If the hydrangeas are growing on old woods then they do not need pruning. If you will leave them unpruned they will bloom more profusely. 
But prune the thin and deadhead branches. After pruning the new growth will not bear blooms next season.


We hope that you have found enough knowledge in our article to decide the right fertilizer product for your hydrangeas. Here are the nine products reviewed by our experts and you can choose any option.

As flowering plants do produce blooms only if they are provided with the right nutrient proportion. 

If you love to apply the spike fertilizer then you should consider Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes. This is an ideal fertilizer for persons who do not want a fussy fertilization method. But you should buy multiple bags as a single bag does only have 10 spikes.

If you love to have the pink-colored blooms on your hydrangeas then you should pick the option of Bonide Pink Fertilizer. 

And if you love to have blue blooms then consider applying the Jack’s Classic Fertilizer. 

We hope that you will get healthier blooms after applying any one of these fertilizers. 

Our experts have added all the best products available in the market to the list. We will keep updating our list if any new product comes to the market.

Consider using the electric sprayers for water solubilizing fertilizers.


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