Best Fertilizers For Elephant Ears & Growing Guide 2022 Edition

Last year the elephant ears in my garden struggled with several issues. The issues, with time, got so strong that my elephant ears started giving a dull sad look so I decided to find a solution for it.

The best fertilizer for Elephant Ears are ones containing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (20-10-20).

Elephant ears usually need to be fertilized in the spring and fall so I decided to save your time and energy to find a solution even though I am a little late for fall. 

Elephant ears are grown in shady places so they need fertilizer more than any other of your outdoor plants.

There aren’t really a huge number of “elephant ear fertilizers” we usually use all-purpose fertilizer, containing an equal or inconsistent amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, to boost our elephant ear’s health.

So I (keeping all elephant ear nutritional requirements in mind) have designed a list of the best fertilizer options for you. All of them are tried and tested either by me or my fellow garden and lawn owners. Have a look at my recommendations, we’ll get into the details later.

Best Fertilizer For Elephant Ears Reviews

  1. Wellspring gardens elephant ear fuel fertilizer 
  2. Jack’s professional water-soluble general-purpose fertilizer
  3. Grasshopper fertilizer mojo k20 plus
  4. Miracle-gro pour and feed plant food
  5. Jobes organic bone meal fertilizer
  6. Espoma plant-tone organic all-purpose plant food
  7. Growers Trust spider mite killer

1. Wellspring gardens elephant ear fuel fertilizer

Wellspring Gardens elephant ear fuel is specifically formulated to give a healthy boost to elephant ears. The major and micronutrient blend makes it highly effective for both growing and burnt elephant ears.

High nitrogen content does not just aid in protein synthesis, rapid growth but also ensures healthy leaf area development. Balanced phosphorus proportion keeps an eye on photosynthesis, respiratory and other functions like storing and transferring energy to the needed parts. It also assists in timely maturity. The inflated potassium part moves essential nutrients and water to all parts of the plant.

The most promising thing about 20-10-20 fertilizer is that it comes in a resealable bag. You can use it and store it with ease. Reusing it after every three weeks would bring fruitful results. Last but not least its water-soluble nature ensures easy application. 


  • Water-soluble
  • Easier to use
  • Comes with a resealable bag
  • Specifically made for elephant ears
  • Promotes rich green color
  • No noticeable odors 


  • Granulated, not as easy to use as a liquid fertilizer.

2. Jack’s professional water-soluble general-purpose fertilizer

Jack’s professional water-soluble general purpose fertilizer is thoughtfully manufactured to give not only elephant ears but various other plants a healthy new life. 

Having Chelated copper, soluble potash, molybdenum, boron, ammoniacal nitrogen, chelated manganese, phosphate, nitrate nitrogen, chelated iron, and chelated zinc as active ingredients makes it a highly effective solution for almost all plant requirements.

This tried and tested fertilizer is known for completely remodeling elephant ears by turning the burnt yellow leaves into visible green patterns. Multiple nutrients blend satisfies the heavy feeder elephant ears like nothing else. Can be used for both pot and in-ground elephant ears.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast working
  • Do not burn, balanced formulation
  • Slow-release, water-soluble


  • A little expensive 

3. Grasshopper fertilizer mojo k20 plus

This general-purpose hay, pasture, and row crop fertilizer hold an important position on the elephant ear fertilizers list because of its plant-friendly nature. It does not just help elephant ears to flourish and grow but also neutralizes the soil as well.

Improved PH, potash, and nitrogen content ensure enhanced germination and emergence even in less fertile soils. This two-in-one formula can be used as an alkalizer that works by raising the soil’s PH that helps the soil to produce nutrients naturally.

It fulfills the potassium requirement of the elephant ears which helps in preventing stunted growth. These nutrients all together bring good health to elephant ears by allowing a healthy tuber formation and boosting immunity.


  • Boosts plant immunity
  • Ensures healthy tuber formation
  • Can also be used as an alkalizer
  • Prevents stunted growth
  • Got tons of positive reviews


  • A bit costly
  • To use it as a fertilizer solely it has to be mixed with another fertilizer.
  • Raises soil’s PH.

4. Miracle-gro pour and feed plant food

Miracle-gro is another All-purpose health booster for elephant ears. Phosphorus, being an important ingredient for the health and vigor of plants, helps in building stronger roots and healthy green leaves.

Natural compounds improve the growth rate and disease resistance in plants. This elephant ear nutritional fertilizer comes in a ready-to-use form equally beneficial for both container and in-ground elephant ears.

Comes with a measuring cup and detailed instructions that help you in achieving a dream growth in a short period. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor containers and in-ground plants. To achieve marvelous results, use it every 10 to 14 days, or as recommended on the label.


  • Ensures miraculous growth
  • Easy to use, no mixing required
  • Comes with detailed instructions and a measuring cap.
  • All-purpose fertilizer, besides elephant ears, can be used for vegetables, trees, shrubs, transplants, seedling, and all types of flowers.
  • Helps in establishing stronger roots


  • A bit pricey 
  • Not a specific elephant ear fertilizer.
  • Scotching effect

5. Jobes organic bone meal fertilizer

Jobes organic bone meal fertilizer has got a position on my recommended list because of its 100 percent pure organic formulation. This OMRI-listed slow-release fertilizer can be used to stimulate bigger and healthier elephant ear leaves.

This organic fertilizer is highly recommended for elephant ears that are not growing rapidly and appear weaker in the roots. The high phosphorus concentration aids in establishing a stronger foundation for elephant ears to grow and flourish well.

Besides bringing wellness to the elephant ears it also improves resilience against diseases. But before making a hasty purchase it is recommended to test the soil first as if it needs phosphorus-rich fertilizer.

Being 100% organic, it helps in recovering the elephant ears and other plants in the neighborhood from common plant diseases. To witness vigorous growth apply in spring and fall.


  • Organic, no harmful chemicals
  • Works for overall wellness
  • Establishes a stronger root system


  • Not specifically made for elephant ears
  • A little slow to show results

6. Espoma plant-tone organic all-purpose plant food

Espoma plant-tone organic fertilizer has been on my several recommendation lists for no filler and sludges and 100% organic composition.

For established elephant ears, mix thoroughly into the soil deep up to 4 inches, and for new plants adding it to the soil, that is going to fill back the hole and will encourage healthier new growth.

To make it work for elephant ears, it is recommended to apply at least once a month in spring and fall.


  • Organic
  • Requires fewer applications
  • Can be used for other garden plants as well.
  • No hazardous or toxic chemicals
  • No sludges
  • Environmental friendly 
  • Long-lasting results


  • A bit pricey for a 4lb bag

7. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed All Purpose Plant Food

It comes with the perfect formulation for quick, stronger, and vibrant plant growth. It not only contains micronutrients but also natural components for above and below soil nourishment. Most of the natural or organic fertilizers ignore the better growth of microbes in the soil.

Miracle-Gro shake provides feather meal, earthworm castings, and all-in-one bone meal for better microbes growth. These microbes are very beneficial for plant growth. Microbes break down natural ingredients into beneficial nutrients for root growth.

You can apply this fertilizer at any time in any place. It is best for both ground and containers. However, some recommendations are mentioned to follow as requirements of plants and growth behavior.


  • Provide better microbes growth
  • Enhance root growth and plant health
  • Cheap as compared to other products


  • Packaging issue sometimes

8. J R Peters 52024 Jacks Classic No.1.5 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer

It is the best formula for elephant ears. Jr peters are beneficial for indoor, outdoor plant vegetables. It has a very unique action mechanism.JR peter moves through roots and promotes upper parts growth.

This unique formula contains phosphorus, potassium, and Nitrogen, It provides fast growth and leaf expansion. Indoor, it is effective on foliage plants.

JR peter dissolves quickly to action. It promotes shoot and roots growth. More it provides very easy application.


  • Better for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Contains unique three ingredients formula


  • Bit old fertilizer with no ingredients addition

9. Espoma TP6 Triple Phosphate Fertilizer, 6.5-Pound

Espoma is a very famous fertilizer brand. It is working to provide natural and efficient plant fertilizer for years. This product Espoma TP6 is a very unique phosphorus-containing product. It provides an enriched source of phosphorus for flower growth.

Espoma provides very quick action for better results.No toxic ingredients are used in fertilizer. The granular application provides an easy way to feed.


  • Enriched with phosphorus
  • Quick in action
  • No toxic ingredients included


  • Pricey as compared to other products

10. Jobe’s Fertilizer Spikes for All Indoor Houseplants

If you are looking for easy application and environment-friendly fertilizer then consider Jobe’s Fertilizer spikes. It is a 13-4-5 nutrient composition.

You need to feed them in the soil for better root growth. These pre-measured fertilizers are very easy to apply without any harm.

2 Months supply of Jobe’s fertilizer will make plants strong and vigorous. Slow-release nourishment at the roots provides long-term growth.


  • Easy Application with pre-measured spikes
  • Slow-release nourishment


  • Some owners are not comfortable with spikes

There are several other miraculous fertilizer options that can put a soul in lifeless elephant ears but it’s impossible to write each one of them down. And to not overwhelm you with hundred other options here are the names of three more promising options.

  • Liquid aerating soil loosener
  • AeroGarden liquid plant food
  • Harris diatomaceous earth food grade

Elephant ears are more likely to get damaged by spider mites than any other plant. Spider mites are difficult to deduct and examine as they usually make the underside of elephant ears their home. Even if the soil is rich in nutrients, spider mite puts a full stop to elephant ears’ growth. But there is a fertilizer that deserves a spotlight for killing two birds with one stone. Besides working for the betterment of elephant ears watches out for spider mites as well. Let’s have a look at these two in one fertilizers:

11. Growers Trust spider mite killer

Growers trust spider mite killer is a biodegradable environment-friendly fertilizer that deserves applause for its outstanding results. This thoughtful fertilizer is made by combining natural ingredients and plant extracts.

Comes in ready-to-use form means that no mixing no measuring is required. By eliminating the danger of spider mites from the elephant ears it also supplies essential nutrients that helps in developing a stronger root system.

It works best for indoor elephant ears that are more likely to get infected by spider mites. It’s safe for kids and pets. This two-in-one solution is ideal for those who want their elephant ears to grow and flourish without any restrictions(spider mites).


  • Promote healthier roots
  • Nontoxic, environment friendly
  • Biodegradeable
  • Ready to use


  • Should never be used without gloves
  • Focuses more on spider mites

If I have to name one, I would recommend Growers trust spider mite killers for sure. As it covers all the aspects (from taking care of the nutrients to handling the spider mites) of an ideal elephant ears fertilizer. And then it doesn’t require any hard and fast measuring rules to follow. Then What else would one want from a fertilizer?

Fertilizing Elephant Ears- Grower guide

Elephant Ears Growing Guide

Before starting a fertilizer hunt for your elephant ears you need to know their requirements first. Sometimes just following the right watering schedule fixes the problem. The soil test will answer most of your questions. And remember! The pot grew and in-ground plants have different fertilizing requirements so do consider this point while searching for an ideal option.

What’s the ideal composition?

An all-purpose fertilizer containing a significant amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium makes an ideal choice for elephant ears. Most gardeners look for 20-10-20 fertilizers for their elephant ears.

Slow release or granular fertilizer?

Water-soluble, slow-release for ground plants. As I have mentioned above elephant ears are heavy feeders they need nutrients at several stages of their growth. So the slow-release fertilizer is there to supply nutrients when the elephant ear is in need. But for pot-grown elephant ears, granular fertilizer is the most promising option. It keeps on supplying nutrients to all the needed parts of the plant.

When should you fertilize the elephant ears?

At the time of plantation- elephant ears generally need nutrients to grow and establish stronger roots but if the soil is rich in nutrients, it’s okay to skip fertilizing at this stage.

In spring-like most of the plants, elephant ears need to be fertilized in spring. Fertilizing in early spring encourages leafy growth and promotes rich green color.

In fall- roots of most plants grow in fall and fertilizing in these months assist in establishing a stronger foundation.

Once a month- it’s totally up to you but fertilizing at least once every month would help them glow.

What qualities a good fertilizer has?

A good fertilizer takes good foliage and root formation as its duty. It is non-toxic, environment-friendly, and kids/pets safe. And it serves as a guard for pesticides and spider mites etc. 

Use as suggested on the label

To reap the benefits of fertilizer use as suggested by the company. Over and under application would never be able to bring the desired results. Overuse is more dangerous than underuse as underuse just does not bring the result but over-application burns the plants. 

A piece of advice

Do not look for expensive or well-known brands, look for the solution to your problem. Each case is different so do a soil test, consult a professional or experienced gardener, and identify the problem. So will then be able to find a solution. And do not ever make a hasty purchase without reading a label in detail. 


Elephant Ears Growing Guide

Elephant ears are heavy feeders they grow and live on nutrient-rich soils. Fertilizing and an appropriate watering schedule would help them grow and glow. All these options are best for what they are made. What your elephant ear plant need can only be determined by a soil test. But if I have to choose between all these above-mentioned fertilizers for my elephant ears I would go for the Growers trust spider mite killer as it supplies the needed nutrient and handles the spider mites at the same time.

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