What Lawn Mower Is Easy To Start?

If you have a lawn mower, you likely know the pain of starting one that does not want to cooperate. Some people do not enjoy cutting their lawns and see it as more of a chore that must be done, and the last thing you want is a lawn mower that refuses to start or rev up. While it is also good to have an electric mower because they are easier to start, they can also be a real pain due to other reasons.

On the other hand, gas-powered mowers can also have their issues to deal with, but the models that are coming out in recent years have plenty of technological improvements that make them much easier to deal with. As long as you do plenty of research before going out to buy a lawnmower, it does not need to give you plenty of heartaches when trying to manage it.

What is the best lawn mower for easy starting?

If you are not a fan of traditional gas mowers, you are not alone – they are a public nuisance because of the noise and air pollution they cause. In fact, according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), using them for an hour alone leads to the release of many volatile organic compounds that are highly harmful to the surroundings, as well as leading to cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

In addition, a traditional gas-powered mower will need you to use a choke to start the engine. This is a whole process where you push the pump three times, rip the cord, and then hope that the mower will start in one try – although that rarely happens. In many cases, you have to pull the cord three times or twice at the least before the engine switches on, and you will have to pull it more times if you are using the mower for the first time in months.

While this is fine with some people, it can also lead to fatigue before you even begin mowing the lawn – not to mention it can cause injuries to your shoulder if you do it incorrectly. It is also quite the workout, as you will need plenty of upper body strength to pull the cord as efficiently as possible.

Enter the auto choke

The lawnmowers of today, even the gas-powered ones, do not need to deal with this issue of chokes that refuse to cooperate with your starting efforts – and they also make your life much easier. With the modern designs in place today, you no longer need to worry about the entire process, which also eliminates the worry of pulling cords and injuring yourself.

Even though this seems like a great solution, you might be concerned about a few issues. One thing is their prices – they are generally more expensive than the traditional lawn mower, making them disappointingly unattainable for many. They also have a lot of mechanical parts that make them a challenge to repair, as well as the problem of breaking down more often than not.

Battery and electric mowers are best for easy starts

If the idea of having a choke starter system on your lawn mower does not excite you, you can consider getting battery and electric-powered mowers. You only need to push a button to start the equipment.

Note that they are easier to maintain than the gas-power ones because they lack an internal combustion engine – which also means they do not release fossil fuels into the environment and are safe. However, you will need a stable electric power source nearby, or else they will not work. They will be a great choice if you are handling lawns that are just outside your house, especially the electric-powered types.

It is important to exercise caution with them as well, by avoiding using them on wet grass. For instance, after the occurrence of rain, you should not use the mower on this surface – especially those that have extension cords. The grass is both soggy and you can have accidents like slips when you are cutting, while the electric cords can give you electric shocks when handling them.

On the other hand, the mowers that use batteries as a power source do not require external power sources, since the mower has everything they require to function. They will still provide the same levels of freedom that you will get from the gas motors, but you will not need to go through the excruciating process of trying to start the engine – you just need to push a button.

The only problem they seem to have is the finite power of the batteries. They will only last for a short period, and sometimes it is not enough for an entire lawn cutting session – especially if the lawn is big or there is a lot of work to be done. In instances like this, it is better to have a backup battery on hand to sort you out before the batteries in use finish recharging.

The best part about them is that they are the easiest to start, while also giving you plenty of convenient uses that the gas-powered types will give you.

Choose A Mower Without A Starter

If you happen to be strong and are unafraid to get a workout with your mowers, there are types that can sort you on this department – the traditional push mower that has been present for many years and is where the lawn mower began. All you need to do is push it through your lawn.

That easy mechanism, however, means that they will require some labor to get them going, making them a bad idea if you are physically weak or are regularly sick. On the upside, they are very easy to operate and maintain.

Final thoughts

When it comes to getting a lawn mower that is easy to start and maintain, you might have your sights set on gas-powered types – but they are not the best option. The electric and battery-powered ones are the best, and this also extends to their maintenance.