How to Start a Craftsman Lawn Mower

Sometimes starting your mowing machine can be tricky, especially if you have not been using it for a long time. Although there are different models of craftsman lawn mowers, the procedure of starting any of the Craftsman’s mowing machines is somehow similar for all models. In the following step-by-step guide, we will help you start a craftsman lawn mower.

How to Start a Craftsman Lawn Mower

Different reasons may make a craftsman lawn mower fail to start. For instance, the mower’s carburetor might be clogging, a dirty air filter, the spark plug may be defective, the engine fuel or oil might be old or dirty, or the ignition key may be faulty. Below, we discuss how to start the lawnmower.

Inspect the Engine Oil Quality and Level

You need to make sure your lawnmower has sufficient fuel before trying to start it. You might find similar kinds of reservoirs on different craftsman lawn mower models. For instance, both the riding and push mower have their oil tank located around the engine’s topside, and the container is usually black. 

Remove the reservoir cap. Then use a dipstick to check the amount. If it’s necessary, add some more oil. For different models of lawnmowers, you may have to buy varying oil qualities. Usually, this is labeled on the tank cap. The oil reservoir tank is usually under the engine cover for riding lawn mowers.

However, this step is a bit different if you are fixing a Craftsman 6.75 machine. In this model, you will have to fuel the machine with gas. 

Connect the Mower’s Spark Plug to its Cable

Before starting, ensure you properly connect the spark plug to the wire. Typically, each of them is in the machine’s front. You may need to look at the manual for instructions if the firing plug cable does not connect. Also, you can ask a mechanic for help if the mower’s plug is not working.

Ensure the Air Filter is Working Properly

Remove the air filter cover with a screwdriver. Usually, you can find it on the engine’s left side. Check whether the air filter has dust or not. Dirt on the filter prevents the entry of air, and the machine will only crank. It’s therefore vital to ensure the air filter is clean even before trying to start the mower. 

Removing dust from air filters can also be labor-intensive and time-consuming, and therefore you can opt to purchase another air cleaner considering that most are cheap. As there are various sizes, remember to check the right size for your machine.

Engage the Primer Switch Severally and Rapidly Pull the Rope in Case of a Push Mower

You will see a primer button located on the left side of the mower engine for push mowers. In most cases, this switch is black or red. You have to engage this switch three times at least. Typically, this helps pump the fuel. Using one hand, you are required to pick up the adjusting lever. 

Firmly grasp the recoil lever with the other hand, which is usually on the mower’s right-hand side. After that, gently pull the starting cable. Quickly pull the string and do this until the machine starts. Typically, push mowing machines do not need an ignition switch .

In Case of a Riding Machine, Insert the Ignition Key and Engage the Brake 

For riding machines, insert the ignition key into its hole. It requires you to engage the machine’s parking brake for a short time before starting it. While holding the brake, turn on the braking mechanism. Remember to disengage the brake when you are ready to start mowing with the machine. To start the riding mower, turn the key slowly in the clockwise direction. Once you successfully start the engine, allow the ignition key to recoil back to its initial position.


In conclusion, starting a Craftsman lawn mower is a simple procedure, as you only need to follow the above process. Keep in mind that skipping one of the above steps can make the craftsman mower fail to start. In case you want to use the machine in winter, you may need to repeat the whole process 2-3 times. Typically, it’s because the lawn mower’s engine can only start when it gets warm.