How to Bypass a Safety Switch On a Riding Lawn Mower

The lawn mower’s safety switches help to protect you from injuries that can result from mowing mistakes. However, mower safety switches may need to be bypassed or disabled for repair purposes or when you are familiar with the mower and don’t need the alarms. After repairs, it is recommended that all safety switches be returned to full functionality before using the mower again. 

Below, we explain everything you may need to know to bypass a safety switch on a lawn mower.

Unless you are familiar with that specific lawn mower, it is highly recommended not to bypass all safety switches. However, if you’re confident enough and you are certain your decision will not lead to injury, then go ahead. Below is a list of the tools you will need to bypass the mower safety switches.

  • Wire connector
  • Plier
  • Tape
  • Wirecutter

Let us begin the process of bypassing each safety switch. First, there is a safety switch that is located under the mower seat. The annoying seat safety switch is the one that can’t allow you to start the lawn mower without sitting on its seat. Below are the steps of bypassing it.

Locate the Safety Switch Under the Seat


Place the Mower on a Flat Surface

In any electrical task or repairs to riding mowers, the first thing is to place the mower on a flat surface to prevent it from slipping or moving. Then ensure the engine is off and the parking brake is engaged. The mower is now ready for the next step.

Disconnect the Battery Terminal

The second step you should take before carrying out any electrical work on the lawn mower is removing the battery terminal. If you don’t know the battery terminals, check for red and black wires. To avoid electrical shock, pull out the plug.

Locate the Seat Safety Switch

Most lawn mowers have the seat safety switch located under the seat. Remove the mower seat, loosen the screws if there are, and flip the seat.

A plug switch is connected to the seat directly under the mower seat. This plug is the mower’s seat safety switch plug that you are required to bypass.

You will find two kinds of switch plugs: 4-cable seat safety switch or 3-cable seat safety switch. They both have a similar bypassing procedure.

Take Off the Safety Switch Wires

Remove the safety switch plug under the seat. Unplug the power cord. If you can’t do this with your hands, use a plier to pull it out.

Cut the Wire and Tape

Now to avoid electric shock, cut the socket switch wires and secure them well. Here, wires can be taped together or individually. To be confident of the mower’s safety, begin with taping them separately and then test. If the safety switch is still not disabled, connect them and wrap the tape.

Alternative to the Above Step

If you don’t want to lose your warranty by cutting the cables, a solution is also available. Without cutting the wire, you can use crimp connectors to connect it. Take a wire and, using any wire crimping tools, crimp it and then connect it to the wire terminal. By doing so, you prevent the electric current from flowing.

Take the Seat Back to its Position

Place the seat back and then check the seat safety switch to see whether it creates more obstructions or not. While the engine is running, you can get up from the seat and use the mower as you wish, without the seat annoying you with its abrupt stoppage.

How to Bypass Mower Deck/PTO Safety Switch

How to Bypass Mower Deck/PTO Safety Switch

You can’t start the engine when the mower deck safety switch or brake switch is activated. Sometimes this becomes a big deal.  Also, the mower may abruptly stop when mowing on a hilly track. You can bypass this safety switch to eliminate these issues.

However, the method of bypassing the PTO switch and the lawn mower deck safety switch is similar. So we are introducing the PTO safety switch technique and bypassing the mower deck switch as well.

The first two steps are the same for all types of electronic bypassing procedures. You can follow them as described above. Let’s get to the switch directly.

Locate the PTO Safety Switch

On the front of the mowing machine, you will see the wiring harness at the back of the engine. Around that area, look for the mower deck switch and the PTO safety switch. Get a multimeter and try to test the socket if you can’t find it. The switch socket will read approximately 12V.

 Cut the Wire

Once you’ve found the safety switch socket, check for a purple wire that connects the power supply and the mower blade. Unplug this cord from the socket.

 Connect the Wire Ends

Then connect the two ends and, with electrical tape, wrap them well. Although rare, there might be a wire plastic bar in the switch socket which you will have to pull out. Reassemble all the sockets and cables inside the engine deck, so you don’t have any more problems while riding. 

After completing all the steps, charge the battery, and then test ride the lawn mower, and you will ride the mower without having frequent stopping or warning lights.

Important Tips

You need to take the following precautions before and between the entire process.

  • Before starting the steps, you must turn off the engine.
  • Ensure the engine is cool, or else it will burn your hands as you work.
  • While cutting the wire, use wire cutting tools to avoid hurting your hands.
  • After bypassing the mower, have a test ride to make sure all safety switches are disabled.
  • Do not bypass the safety switches if there is an inexperienced rider in your home who might attempt riding the mower


In conclusion, bypassing the safety switch is only intended for repair purposes or persons who can handle the mower with sufficient care and do not require safety switch alarms. If you are not experienced enough, we recommend not bypassing the safety switches. We hope the above guide will help you bypass a lawn mower safety switch without any issue.