5 Best Zero Turn Mower Under 4000 – 2021 Reviews

Zero turn mowers are an expensive product that eases you in many definitive ways. The costs up to 6000$ which is a huge investment for many persons, so we found these some best zero turn mower under 4000$.

Having a lawn with a house is the dream of many people but planting the grass on the lawn is not enough. The real game starts from the maintenance of lawn – mowing the grass blades to keep then smooth carpeted so children roll over and play excitedly in lawns. It benefits the elders in quite a way to ease them while walking on the soft turf and mowing across the lawn to take care of the flowering plants.

Here comes the role of lawn grass mowers, that cuts the grass blades uniformly to the desired height, leaving the soft turf. But a lot of mower types come with various height adjustment, deck size, and workings. Mowers are of many types i.e. reel mowers, push, self-propelled, riding, and zero turn mowers.

Push and reel mowers are much user’s energy-consuming but continous working with these mowers could onset the fatigue of muscles to users. To protect the user from such problems and saving your precious time, riding and zero-turn mowers that are engine-powered and have seats for users sitting on the mower and controls the mowing by itself.

Livable handling, consistency in performance, and better maneuver are the premium qualities of the zero turn mowers that make them an extraordinary appliance for mowing lawns.

Mowing the large yards consumes a lot of time but mowers could do this job quite easily and much less time and zero turn mowers are on the top among all other mowers in doing this task quite effectively.

The only problem that comes across the lawn grower for zero turn mowers is choosing the right type zero turn mower within manageable pricing of 4000$. So we built this guide that explains all aspects of buying the zero turn mower under 4000 and benefits of zero-turn mowers.

In this guide, the top zero turn mowers under 4000 dollars are reviewed in quite an effective way on the base of previous user experience. All the pros and cons of the zero-turn mowers are explained in the reviews so you could choose the desired one.

Let’s get start the guide from the most asked question that what is doffrence between zero turn mowers and riding mowers and other mowers.

What is a Zero Turn Mower?

Zero turn mower is alike to riding lawn mower but has zero turning radius that facilitates the user in effective handling and steering while covering the yard completely. Zero turn mower mowers the grass smoothly in much less time and let you notice the condition of turf in the yard while sitting on the top-mounted seat of zero turn mower.

These zero turn mowers have both types of powers engines i.e. diesel-powered ad gasoline-powered that has value for safety, maintenance, and performance. You would love to have this machine at your home and it is a one-time investment with a powered engine that cuts the tough and soft grass easily.

It seems like a much expensive thing for the yard but the major comfort to your health from tiredness and fatigue, worths more than these few bucks. You should just give it a try. We found a few top rated zero turn mowers under 4000$ that is manageable pricing.

But there are many factors you should consider before buying a zero-turn mower. Let’s move to these factors prior to choosing the best zero turn mower under 4000.

Buying guide: best zero turn mower under 4000

High performance and excellent maneuvering capabilities are the qualities that make a zero turn mower best. You are going to spend 4000$ to buy a zero turn mower, but these are some factors that would really help you in selecting the great zero turn mower.

Deck size

Zero turn mowers come with a wide range of deck sizes or cutting widths that let you choose the desired mower according to the size of the lawn. Choose the right deck sized mower that suits the yard size as:

  • Less than 42 inches

The zero turn mowers with a deck size of fewer than 42 inches are a great choice for small to medium-sized yards especially the yards having many turns and obstacles. It is the best choice for cutting up to 1 acre of lawn.

  • Deck size from 42 to 46 inches

The zero-turn mowers having deck size between 42 to 46 inches provides the best performance in medium-sized yards and they have a compact size that could easily fit in the back of your pickup and you can transport them to any place. It is the best choice for cutting the yard of the area up to 1 acre.

  • Between 48-50 inches

Zero turn mower with the deck size between 48 to 50 inches is specially designed for an area of 1 to 3 acres. These wide deck-sized mowers cut the grass in a much decent way quickly while leaving the smooth turf in the yard.

  • Above then 50 inches

All the zero turn mowers with the deck size of more than 50 inches are best performing for large yards. The maximum deck size for zero turn mowers is 54” cutting width that gives a stable and quick cutting of large yards up to 3 acres.

Power and Engine

A powerful engine is a primary factor for getting efficient work, especially while mowing tall or tough grass. So always keep in mind to check the horsepower of the engine while buying a zero turn mower. The more horsepower of the engine, the faster it will cut the grass.

But there are many factor like grass type and deck size that impacts the power of engine.

In choosing the mower with excellent power of engine, there is a tip from Dan:

“Try to get a zero turn mower having a full pressure oil system that actually means the one having an oil filter. Two cylindered engines have more grunt then single cylinders

Look for the engine having OHV. Old engines like Briggs engine had a single-cylinder underhead valve and they seel to go and go. Now the overhead valve engines are rolling the market – Dan, Qualified Mechanic, and Small Engine Specialist.”

Hydrostatic Transmission

All of the zero turn mowers have hydrostatic transmissions. The major difference between a standard and zero turn mower is the transmission. The standard mower has the one transmission with back wheels are driven system. But in case of zero turn mowers, you got two transmissions. Each drives a separate wheel.

These double transmission driving separate wheels can make the one wheel go backward and other forward. That will ultimately make the zero turn mower to turn on the spot with zero space. The wheels driving is controlled with steering bars.

Mowing Speed

Zero turn mowers are among the top speed of 7.5 mph mowers. In mowing a small yard, the mowing speed is not much considerated but for large yards and golf courses, the mowing speed is the primary consideration.

But keeps in mind that “The slower you go, the better it mows(cuts)”

Gas Tank Capacity

The mower with the bigger tank capacity works more in a single filling and you do not need to stop for refilling again and again. If you have a large yard, always get the mower with the larger tank capacity.

Reviews: Best zero turn mower under 4000

1.   Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna is a famous brand for manufacturing lawnmowers and many other quality products related to lawn care and gardening. This lawnmower by Husqvarna is among the finest pieces that mow the yard so much efficiently and remove the grass.

It is equipped with a lot of quality features that make it a valuable product and the first choice of professional lawn growers and maintainers. This model Z254 is a perfect match for mowing and a comprehensive combination of reliability and usability.

It is equipped with a 26HP Kohler engine that is v-twin type. Kohler is also a well-known company for manufacturing the engines of lawnmowers and v twins that provide fewer vibrations than single-cylinder engines.

The great thing about this engine is that it has a maximum speed of 6.5 mph that is a great value for cutting large yards in less time. The engine is equipped with an automatic choke system that provides a quick start while going to work.

The superior grade air induction technology used in these mowers enables the more efficiently drawn grass from the bottom to upwards to give a smooth and uniform cut. Furthermore, this air induction also keeps the engine cool and protects from the damages by overheating of the engine.

Z254’s deck is made of high-quality steel that improves durability. Moreover, the deck is featured with hydraulically adjusted 4 cutting heights. You can easily adjust the cutting height with a hand shifter.

The 52-inch wide deck covers a wide path in a single passing that really helps to cut the whole yard in less passing. It will ultimately improve cost-effectiveness and time consumption.

The mower is additionally featured with a well built, plastic discharger that provides both, bagging and mulching. It depends on your choice to choose the faith of clippings but you have to purchase the kits separately.

The great thing about this zero turn mower is that the footpad easily removes and allows to clean the grass trapped in it. Otherwise, these trapped clippings create major problems and reduce the efficiency of mowers.

The presence of an engine guard to protect it from the dirt and mud allows the protection of the engine from any debris. Furthermore, the guard is itself protected with a frame to protect it from any possible mechanical injury.

The additional feature in this mower is the parking brake that allows the user to park the mower at slopes easily. The parking brakes are applied simply by pulling the steering levers outwards.

Wheels of this mower are wide and provide a good grip on the terrains and slopes and anti-slip footpad and cup holders are also a great addition that enhances the safety to use while drinking on mower.

  • 26 HP engine with 52 inch deck size
  • Parking brakes
  • Advanced air induction technology
  • Removable foot pad allows cleaning easily
  • Inexpensive
  • Anti slip foot pad
  • No headlights

2.   Ariens Edge 34 inch 20 HP (Briggs) Zero Turn Mower 915251

Ariens Edge is a best zero turn lawn mower for small yards. It is specialized with a lot of quality features that make it a perfect, long-lasting mower and many users friendly.

Ariens is a famous brand among the lawn growers as it has introduced many advanced tools related to gardening and lawn maintenance. The reliability and durability of their products make them a well-known brand.

All of the safety protocols of the user and engine are followed in its making that protects the user from any possible injury from the working engine. It provides safety to the engine from the outside in such a way that in case of any physical hitting, there will be less damage to the engine.

The material used in its manufacturing enhances the durability and life of the mower. The use of high-quality steel in making allows more strength and more maneuverability.

The cutting deck is 34” wide and is stamped constructed with 12 gauge steel to give a better cut with the sharper blades. All you need to do is to sharpen the blades at the time of service and it will work great for more than 6 months.

A 20 HP Briggs engine is equipped in this mower for powering the cutting deck and blades to move across the lawn and cutting the blades so much smoothly that it results in uniform turf.

The engine is powered with 660cc power that helps the mower to move easily on the rough surfaces and terrains. This powerful engine allows easy turning at zero position without any hindrance.

The premium feature of this mower is the foot-operated deck lift that helps the user to move across the lawn from the garage by lifting the deck upwards. A foot-operated system to lift the deck gives the hands-free option to the user for working while controlling the levers with hands.

It is equipped with a high back seat mounted on the top of the mower that is featured with seat springs. This much comfortable seat gives comfort to the user and protects the backbone from leaning and pain.

  • 34 inch deck size
  • 600cc powerful engine
  • Equipped with sealed ball bearings seat
  • Foot operated deck lift
  • 20HP engine for running cutting deck
  • Comfortable high back seat with springs
  • Only suitable for small yards

3.   Husqvarna Z242F 42 in. 18 HP Kawasaki Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna Z242 is the great choice for mowing the medium sized lawns with zero turn mowers. All the tools manufactured by the Husqvarna are of high quality and durable that makes the brand more reliable among manufacturing the lawn and garden tools.

The premium feature of this zero turn mower that makes it a valuable product among others present in the market is that it is featured with hydrostatic transmission. That makes the user no worrying about transmission problems.

It is featured with an 18HP powerful engine that provides the reliable startup and smooth cutting even on the uneven surfaces. The powerful engine makes the efficient and continuous running of the cutting deck on the tough grass.

The moving speed of this zero turn mower reaches up to 6.5 mph that is a much impressive figure in case of zero turn mowers. This much moving speed allows the user to complete the mowing work in much less time.

The 42-inch cutting deck cuts a wider path of grass in a single way and allows the user to mow the yard in less fuel consumption. The hydrostatic transmission provides the option of setting the cutting deck height.

The great feature in this zero turn mower is the better bagging to catch up the grass clippings quite effectively. This feature helps in protecting the grass from mold and collecting grass clippings headache.

An automatic braking system is provided in this mower by Husqvarna. It works by moving the levers inwards or outwards.

It does give a smooth cutting of grass blades by high-performance blades that are made of high-quality steel. By keeping the blades well sharpened during servicing, you can keep the mower efficiently working for years.

  • 18 HP kawasaki engine
  • 42” cutting deck
  • Patent pending parking braking system
  • Max speed of 6.5 mph
  • Superior air flow
  • All three option for clippings i.e. bagging, mulching and discharging
  • Bagger and mulching kit are not present in the package

4.   Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series

Ariens IKON-X 915223 is a powerful engine powered zero turn lawn mower for medium to large size lawns. Ariens have a good fame in manufacturing lawn mowers with high quality products and durability.

It features an attractive orange and black colored body with a wide cutting deck of 52 inches that is much suitable for mowing a large yard. The 52 inches cutting deck with the powerful engine combines make an impressive turn mower product.

The compact, fully tubular body made of steel provides much durability to the mower that can withstand stress and minimal mechanical shocks. It offers less drizzling on uneven surfaces and gives the years to live of mowers.

The mower is equipped with a 23HP engine to power the cutting deck so it runs smoothly on the tough and tall grass. Furthermore, the internally vented carburetor and the compression releasing features results in a form of good performance.

Cutting deck with sharpened blades has 3600 RPM to do the work in less time than moving across the lawn with a top speed of 7mph. The presence of a large fuel tank with a capacity of 10.5L and iron cylinders let the user do the job in a flow without any pause.

It has 4.5 inches deep deck, fabricated from 10-gauge steel that does enhance the durability as well the continual airflow even on the tough terrains.

The great thing about this mower is the versatility in the cutting height to let the user adjust the deck height with 13 options from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.

The presence of a padded seat along with armrests makes this mower highly user-friendly that can perform the work smoothly. Additionally, the EZT hydrostatic transaxles make the mower highly responsive for lawn contours.

  • 4.5 inches deep deck along with 13 cutting heights
  • Padded seat with armrests
  • EZT hydrostatic transaxles
  • 52 inches wide cutting deck
  • 23HP kawasaki engine
  • Best zero turn mower for large yards
  • Heavier in weight
  • A little noisy due to large engine

5.   RedMax New RZT48 48″ Deck Riding Zero-Turn Mower with 23Hp Kawasaki Engine

Redmax zero turn mower is another zero turn mower under 4000 dollars pricing with a wide deck size of 48 inches. Redmax is a well-known brand among growers for better quality and better engines.

This zero turn mower is a great addition to the market of zero turn mowers due to its durability and easy operating. It is featured with RZT that enhances the satisfaction of work year after year.

The cutting deck is fabricated with 10-gauge steel with sharpened blades that give maneuverability while working on the lawn. The 48 inches cutting deck makes it suitable for medium-sized lawns.

The versatility of cutting methods is a valuable addition that allows all three options of side discharge, mulching, and bagging.

It is featured with a 23HP Kawasaki engine to power the cutting deck to let the user for smooth working on rough surfaces.

The air up driving technology of this mower improves the efficiency of the engine by keeping the engine cool by continual airflow. The presence of cooling fan pumps is a great addition to enhancing engine life.

This zero turn mower by Redmax has hydro gear transmission that allows the efficient working and easiness to the user for controlling the mowing, moving and levers control system with less force.

  • 48 inches deck size
  • Best zero turn mower for medium size lawns
  • All three types of cuttings
  • Blades are fabricated with 10 gauge steel
  • Sharpen blades
  • RZT technology
  • 23HP kawasaki engine for smooth working
  • Hydro gear transmission
  • Does not include collecting bags in package

Benefits of Zero Turn Mower

Zero turn mowers have a lot of benefits that you will notice, once you start using it in your lawns. Besides giving excellent maneuverability, smooth cut, and consistent working, these are some other benefits that make you fall in love to buy this mower instantly.

  • Time-saving

The biggest benefit of zero turn mowers is that it saves you a lot of time while working on your lawn. These large deck and powerful engine supported mowers can save you mowing time by three to four times. It provides maneuverability and excellent handling and cuts the grass quickly and sharp blades chop off the mini obstacles easily.

  • Maneuverability

Zero turn mowers provide excellent maneuverability that helps the mower in smooth and continuous working in large yards.

  • Good handling

The compacted designed such a way that it gives a quality handling especially on the steep slopes and uneven surfaces. The body structure is designed effectively to make the mower more stable on uneven surfaces.

  • Extra utilities

The top-rated and advanced zero turn mowers come with versatile options like snowplows and seed spreading. The features like these make them more lovable and valuable. The other feature is the presence of slots for attaching the other garden tools with mowers for making the process easier.

  • Cost-Effective

As doing the job in much less time and providing good handling, it ultimately lets you save a lot of fuel and engine maintenance cost.

How Do Maintain a Zero-Turn Mower?

Zero turn mowers are heavy and serious equipment, so their service and maintenance are the primary tasks to make them long-lasting and consistent in working.

Attempting the servicing of zero turn mowers by yourself could end up violating the warranty conditions. The best practice is to contact the dealer or take the mower to the dealer and let the specialist handle the problem.

It might seem like a car engine but there are many working that does not have any similarity to the cars. So doing the service by yourself may get you in many problems.

The optimal duration for servicing a zero turn mower is 6 to 12 months and it varies according to how often you use it in work. Before the onset of the spring season, send your mower to the service station. As a huge load of mowing work season is arriving at that time.

Ask the dealer to sharpen the blades and check the engine performance and any damage to the cutting deck. Each time you use the mower in the yard, putting the mower on the lift to get underside to clean up any debris will enhance the life of the machine and smooth work in the future.

How much power you need in your zero turn mower?

It is a much interesting question while buying a zero turn mower and it depends on:

  • Deck size: The more power is needed for a more wide deck size.
  • Grass type: Type of grass does have an impact on the power of the engine. The thick and tall grass needs a powerful engine-powered mower. If you skim the lawn on weekly basis, then the low-powered engine could work great but for cutting the tall grass, a powerful engine is needed.
  • Yard size: The smaller lawns can be easily mowed with the smaller engine powered mowers in a neat and clean way. But as the size of the yard increases, the power of the engine also increases.

Does A Zero-Turn Mower feature a Brake?

Unlike the riding lawn mower, the zero turn mower does not have a braking system. The levers of the zero turn mowers control the movement of the mower and these levers are used for managing and slowing down the mower’s speed. In case of slowing or stopping the mower, releasing the levers will stop the mower in a few seconds.

Levers manages the machine moving speed and pushing the lever again forces the mowers to move forward. For moving the mower backward, all you need to do is to pull back the lever.

This premium feature of controls in the lever provides an excellent benefit of keeping the mower on the track. The lever provides an excellent turning circle that spins the machine in a place that provides the o-inch turning circle. That is also the reason that this mower is known as the zero turn mower.

To draw a large turning circle, pull only one lever and it will give a large turning circle to the mower. But for getting a sharp turning circle, pull both of levers in the opposite direction to make the machine spin around on a dime.

Premium Qualities For Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower

These are some premium grade qualities of a zero turn mower that makes it a valuable item for yards and makes the user in love with these mowers.

These following qualities should be present in the zero turn mower as:

  • The mower should be highly durable, as you are spending a lot of money on this machine so durability should always be the first priority before buying any machine. The more durable the mower, the more enhanced reliability.
  • Always buy the expensive product like zero turn mower from the company that provides good support and service. Any working machine could break, no matter the company that manufactured it, so there should be the easy availability of parts and free service from the company.
  • The mower has to be user-friendly which lets ease for the user for maintenance and low time consumption.
  • Only buy the mower that is designed effectively by following the safety rules. As so many large machines designed with no safety features could lead you to danger.

If all of these features are present in the zero turn mower than it is best to go.

Final Verdict

A right type of mower can do the work in an effective way and give a smooth turf. But the main problem for mowers is choosing the right type of mower for your lawn due to less knowledge.

The zero turn mowers are the top among mowers for better maneuverability and better handling and efficient working that makes them the right type of mower. But the zero turn mowers are much more expensive, so we built this guide to let you ease in finding the best zero turn mower under 4000 dollars.

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