5 Best Moss Killer For Lawn Reviews 2022 Edition

Moss is a ground cover having a thick mat of tiny green leaves and threadlike stems. It is used as ground cover in areas where grass growth is not possible. It helps to slow down soil erosion and prevents moisture loss from the soil surface.

But, moss is technically a weed and can be considered a noxious weed when it attacks your lawn where it is unwanted. 

Once it attacks your lawn and is left uncontrolled, it is the sign of big challenges for your lawn in the form of excessive lawn thatch, soil compaction, and ends up in the form of a splotchy lawn.

Moss can be more damaging when it starts to take over the flowerbeds and lawn grass. Actually, it attacks the nutrients and moisture resources of lawn grass and inhibits the growth of other plants. If the controlling measures are not adopted in time, it will start growing towards the structural part of the home and lifting towards the roof.

Moss is much easier to control in its primary attachment and can be removed with help of thatching rakes. But when it takes over the more area of the yard and continuously and speedily spreads towards the roof, walls, and walkways, it’s an alarming situation and that can be controlled with chemical formulas or moss killers for the lawn.

Many dozens of moss killing products are available in the market and it has become impossible to find effective moss killers for the lawn. That’s why I built this guide on best moss killer for lawn reviews, effective controlling methods, and moss killer types.

Let’s get started.

Why Does Moss Grow in My Lawn?

Grass loves to grow in the sun and shows more active growth in full sunlight while moss loves to thrive in shady places. Moss thieves actively in dumpy and saturated soils.

In the shady grounds, the moisture sustains for more time and becomes the active growth part of moss in the yard. 

A yard having more shady places and trees or shade causing plants in the lawn are more prone to get under the attack of moss.

Why Do I Need to Use a Moss Killer instead of a thatch rake?

The most effective moss controlling method is by applying moss killer and then when it dies, remove it raking out.

But one confusing question arises in mind: why don’t we use rakes in the first place to remove the thick layer of moss?

Well, here are some reasons for using moss killer instead of rake;

1. Raking Untreated Moss Can Spread it to Other Areas of Your Lawn

If some parts of your lawn have moss in them while most parts are free of moss attack.

When you will start to rake the moss from those parts, there are pretty sure chances of dropping the alive moss part on the other parts of the lawn and it also comes under attack of moss and it establishes quickly.

This way you will become the reason for more spread instead of controlling.

2. Moss is Easier to Remove When it’s Dead

Moss gets killed by applying the moss killer, it desiccates and turns black.

The dead moss has no connection with the ground which shows that now it’s easier to remove it than if it was alive.

Products: Moss killer for lawn

Best moss killer for lawn Reviews

1. Scotts Turf Builder with Moss Control

Scotts Turf Builder with Moss control is one of the best 2-in-1 products for re-establishing the old lawn under the attack of moss. It guarantees to provide feed to grass as well as kills the moss

Scotts is a well-known manufacturer for producing lawn fertilizers, soil enhancers, gardening tools, and plant feeds. The fame of Scotts stands on the quality of products. Similarly, this feed and moss kill product kills moss and strengthens the grass growth by providing the nutrients to fill the spaces completely and preventing the moss attack in the future.

The great thing about this product is that it improves the nutrients absorbing ability of grass to get the full benefit of feed and making the grass healthier and stronger. You do not need to apply fertilizer separately after raking the dead moss.

The best time to apply this feed and kill product is during spring and winter when the moss is actively growing.

All you need is a drop spreader or spreader to apply this plant food evenly on the lawn. Apply it on the lawn and let the moss killer finish the drying of moss. When it gets dry and turns black then rake out with a thatching rake.

Make sure to prevent its application during the rainy days and on the sidewalks and concrete walls as it may leave stains.

A single application is enough to kill the moss of the entire lawn but in case of hard layers of moss overrunning all over the surface, a second application can be done.

2. Scotts MossEx Moss killer for lawn

MossEx is another feed and moss killer product by Scotts that is valued for its quality results in greening up the lawn after killing the moss. It kills the thick layers of moss from entire in a single application like a miracle and helps the grass to regrow in the bare patches of lawn by providing the primary nutrients.

You will get the grass thicker, fuller, and healthier as well as getting rid of moss.

The best time to apply MossEx granules is during the active growth months of moss when the moisture is present. The moistened lawn will activate the moss growth and it gets more exposure and eases the work of moss killer to dry it. 

Mow the lawn before applying the moss killing granules to cut the taller grass and expose the low growing moss so the moss killer does its turn perfectly.

This product comes in granular form that benefits the user by slowly releasing the nutrients and feeding the lawn for a longer time. A single pack of this product is enough to feed a 5000 square feet lawn. 

All you need is a broadcast spreader or Scotts rotary spreader for even application.

Wait for a few days after applying the granules on a moistened lawn to get the job done. When the moss gets dry and turns to black, remove it all out of the lawn with the help of rakes. 

The second application is not necessary but can be done if the moss layers are thick and do not kill completely with the first application.

3. BioAdvanced 704710B Moss and Algae Killer Ready-To-Spray

Here comes the ready-to-spray Moss killer for lawns and flower beds. If you are searching for a ready-to-spray moss killer and want to get the instant killing of moss, this BioAdvanced Moss and Algae killer is a perfect match for you.

It is well known as moss and algae killer and cleaner that means that it kills the mold, mildew, algae, and moss from the lawns, roofs, and driveways and protects them from regrowth of moss for months.

It is the best product for getting rid of mold growth in the garden sides and the patches of the yard under the attack of mildew and moss.

The best thing about this product is that it is a versatile product for multipurpose uses. It can be used for lawns, roofs, driveways, buildings, decks, and patios. 

It is a ready-to-spray formula so all you need to do is to attach the formulation bottle with the water hose and it is good to go. You can adjust the speed of the hose to get the desired mixing level.

The shiny feature of the product is the nonbleach formula of the chemical used in its making that does not cause any stains on driveways or walls.

The 2-in-1 feature of this product guarantees the killing of moss and algae growth as well as protecting the surface from regrowths.

One application of the product with the right proportion is enough to kill the moss within hours. Moss will turn yellow then brown in color. Remove it instantly once dead.

4. Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules

Lilly miller moss out granules is the best formula for getting rid of moss without harming the existing grass. It is a perfect choice for large-sized lawn owners

Lilly miller moss out granules are well known for their quick results and providing the essential nutrients to the grass after killing the moss.

The great thing about this product is that it does two jobs at one time, killing the moss as well as feeding the grass to give it a deeper, stronger, and lusher look.

The formulation of granules contains 32% ferrous sulfate and 68% calcium carbonate that are part of the essential nutrients required by plants for normal growth. The iron present in ferrous sulfate gives a greener color to the grass and improves the look of your lawn without any extra work.

The nutrients supplied through the moss killer granules are well balanced to boost the grass growth to a normal level and promote the grass growth in the bare patches of lawn. 

It provides the nutrients at normal levels to save the lawn from extra mowing needs. Furthermore, it improves the lawn and garden’s aesthetic beauty by promoting grass regrowth in places where the moss has taken over.

Being a granular formula, you can apply it with the help of any spreader. Make sure to the instruction provided by the manufacturer to know the amount to use as per your areas. 

A single application, used as directed, will be enough to kill the moss from the entire lawn within a day and make it easy to remove.

5. Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 Ready-Spray

Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 ready spray is the alternate formula in liquid form for the Scotts MossEx granules. It is the perfect match for you if want to get the results in hours.

It is a well-known moss killer product as a 3-in-1 moss killer because it has the ability to kill moss, algae, as well as lichens from your lawn and patios.

The fast-acting formula used in its preparation gets the job done in few hours of the application and gets rid of moss and algae by killing them completely.

The best thing about this product is that it has versatile uses for decks, concrete, lawn, patios, and driveways. It does not have any staining ingredients that leaves stain over concrete or other surfaces.

A single pack of Scotts MossEx 3-in-1 formula is enough to spray over 500 sq. ft. lawn and making it the best moss killer for small lawn owners.

It is very easy to use and does not require any preparation. All you need to apply is attaching the hose with connecting sprayer and turn on the water and it is ready to go.

It can be used at any time of year and gives the desired results by killing the moss completely. But the best results are obtained during the active growth months of moss in spring and winter. 

How to Use Lawn Moss Killer 

If the whole lawn is covered with a moss thick layer, then rake out as some moss as possible and start applying the moss killer.

Here is the effective method to get better results by using a moss killer.

Step 1

Dilute the liquid moss killer with water and start applying over the moss with the help of a garden sprayer

In the case of granular moss killer, use a broadcast spreader to gen even spreading over the surface.

Step 2

After applying moss killer, wait for some time until the moss gets dry and turns brown or black on dying. When the whole moss gets dry, now it’s your turn to rake out the dead moss.

Step 3

After raking out the dead moss from the lawn, there will be empty spaces in the soil. You will need to apply fertilizers to start up the growth in vacant spaces. Strengthening the grass growth is the other way to prevent the moss attack again. Many moss killers have fertilizers and can be used as a 2-in-1 solution.

What should I use? Moss Killer With or Without Lawn Feed

Most lawn moss killers are named lawn feed with moss killers. It clearly shows that it has moss killer combined with lawn feed because after killing moss, fertilizer is the primary need of grass to fill vacant patches.

Experts at lawndesire recommend using lawn feed with moss killer combined solution.

However, if your lawn is completely under attack from moss then it’s better to use a specified moss killer.  

Benefits of Using Moss Killer

Moss in the lawn is much more damaging than growing alone in barren places. It has a drastic effect on the growth of grass and destroys the aesthetic beauty of the lawn. 

Moss outcompetes the grass and dominates over the grass in utilizing the nutrients and water resources. Applying the moss killer as a controlling agent for moss is ultimately the best solution to get the grass out of the attack. 

There are some prominent benefits of using moss killer as a controlling measure:

  • Using moss killer will stop the more spreading of moss over the lawn.
  • It kills the moss completely and dries out the alive parts of moss to prevent its again nourishment.
  • Iron is the main component of moss killer, which is a responsive agent to dry out the plants completely.
  • Applying the combined lawn feed and moss killer product will actually fertilizer the grass after raking the dry moss over the grass.
  • Moss killer helps in improving the overall health of the lawn by providing more exposure to sunlight and removing the thick layer of moss from the grass. 
  • Iron sulfate in moss killer helps in improving the greenery of a lawn.

When is the Best Time to Apply Moss Killer on Lawns?

The best practice is to follow the directions provided on the product label. But there are some basic things to keep in mind to get the maximum results.

The best time to apply moss killer is late winter or early spring season as during both these seasons the active growth of plants is almost stopped. While spore formation doesn’t stop in moss during winter, so it is good to control it completely to prevent its attack again in the future.

Similarly, some moss killers need to water just after the application to get effective results while some need a dry environment. 

Finally, it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Types of Moss Killers

Moss killer comes in two forms: granular and liquid. All manufacturers have different formulations and recommendations and directions to use.

Choosing a unique type of moss killer completely depends on the purpose to use it. Some moss killers are used for walls, roofs collectively while some are specific for lawn and walls.

Here are the two types of moss killers with directions to use and benefits.

Granular Moss Killers

Granular moss killers are commonly used for treating moss in yards or lawns. It has small water-soluble granules and is applied in dry conditions.

They are applied with the help of mechanical spreaders for even distribution and treating large yards in less time. 

Such granules are not feasible for treating moss on roofs.

Liquid Moss Killers

Liquid moss killer has a wide range of uses and they are mostly used on roofs and walls. Lawn formulation is also available in the market. But liquid formulations are ideal for use on a roof.

It features liquid formulation containers that are directly attachable to hose pipes. All you need to do is connect the hose end with the container and water automatically mixes the moss. The hose pressure runs and shoots the water jet to easily spray the rooftops while standing on your lawn.

Liquid-based moss killers are the perfect control for moss in flower beds and lawns as it contains iron and other nutrients that provide valuable nutrition to grass and plants.

How to prevent moss growth in your lawn?

  1. The best strategy to keep your lawn free of moss growth is by maintaining a thick and healthier lawn. The thicker is a lawn, the less room for moss growth.
  2. Secondly, moss needs compacted ground with poor drainage for growth. So, aerating the lawn with an aerator or gardening fork will open up soil pores and improve the grass growth.
  3. Never left any dried or fallen leaves on the lawn as they cause stress to grass by trapping the moisture and hindrance to sunlight reach and provides ideal conditions for moss growth. Make sure to increase the sunlight reach on the lawn surface to prevent moss growth.
  4. Always use a lawn moss killer during the late spring and early winters.
  5. Grow the grass seeds for shade in shady areas instead of leaving space for moss growth.

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