The 11 Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting (2021 Reviews & Guide)

As we all know that a beautiful lawn does not happen by itself, we have to do a great job to make it possible. Only making our landscape greener by grass is not enough, we have to make the lawn more interesting by installing the Low Voltage Landscape lighting especially when it comes to sitting in the breathtaking scenery of sitting on the lawn in the evening.

The landscape will get a new look when you place the lights in a proper manner and according to your required event.

Nowadays the new trend is emerging of extending your kitchen and family rooms outdoors so it is quite a new way to make your life easier while cooking in the lights of illuminating trees.

As per saying by Kris Schmitt

“When landscape lighting is done right, it can be a tremendous asset to a property.”

How to Choose Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

If you have decided on putting lights on your lawn then here are few tips to decide the type of light you need to use. It mainly depends on your lawn size and the purpose of lights placing.

These landscape lights are available in three forms in markets.

  • Spotlights
  • Floodlight
  • Path lights.

Now any type of light is for different functions now you have to decide which place you want to illuminate.


Firstly, if you decide to put the spotlights on your lawn then you should know that these lights only cover the less area within the angle of 45 degrees wide.


Secondly, if you want to cover the big portion of your lawn or you want to place the light in your backyard then floodlights are the correct choice.

Walkway lights

If you have paths in the lawn and you want to light up them then you need to get path lights which are also known as walkway lights. These lights are dull and only cover confined areas. But they will be enough for your lawn paths.

During the selection of the light type, also consider the aesthetic beauty you want to achieve. For the focus on the lawn open area, you should consider floodlights but for narrow places the spotlights are good.

After deciding the purposes for what you want to put light, now choose the other forms of available landscape lights. These three are forms available as LED, halogen and fluorescent lights.

Key point to remember is that LED lights are somehow more expensive than fluorescent and halogen lights but these LEDs will run for a longer time than others.

Here are some buyer’s reviews and specifications of some popular products for your project. You will find sufficient knowledge to decide lighting for your lawn.

The Best Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

All these lights seem to be the same but there are significant differences in their specifications and models. Here are the reviews of some popular products you need to take a glance at.

1. JESLED 5W LED In-Ground Well Lights

Jesled LED is perfect for Indoor Deck & outdoor lighting. This product has 6 lights per pack. It is a bit of an expensive product but it has many more qualities as its price. 

It has a stainless steel panel that spots the light perfectly outdoors. The soda-lime glass is present which is high temperature resistant and high impact resistant. It has a lifetime of more than 30000 hours.

These lights are small in size but in performance, no one can beat them. They are perfectly designed for pathways. You can install them in stairwells and pathways. Besides their small size, they will illuminate them.

These have a 90-degree beam angle that covers the outdoors completely in its angle. It can also be used to light the flower beds, driveways, doorway, fences, and swimming pool.

Their installation is very easy but you still need a transformer for them to set the required voltages. 

One of the main problems arises if you know nothing about the wiring because these lights are installed in a certain way. If you don’t then you will need assistance to install these lights.

Jesled LED has a two-year warranty. In case any problem occurs they will cover you. It seems like these lights are the real product and perfect for pathways. They also provide 45 days full refund policy.

  • Energy saving
  • Best for pathways
  • Waterproof
  • 2-year warranty
  • No transformer with product

2. Greenclick 12V LED Landscape Lights Pathway Lights

Greenclick LED is a super bright landscaping light. Its light is brighter than solar garden lights. It is widely used for yard patio, driveway, and outdoor decorations.

This LED comes in the packing of 4 lights and with a connecting cable. All the four lights are connected to a single cable so it’s a simple way to install them. There is also an extension cable present in the box.

One of the main benefits of this product is that it does not need the transformer for the conversion of 240 to 12V. An adaptor comes with the lights so you just connect the cable with the adapter and light runs.

The extra thing this product has is the extension wire they give in packing which is quite a good step to solve the problem of using these lights outdoors.

These LEDs are incredibly long-lasting products. They also need much less energy than fluorescent lighting.

The providers also claim the lights to be IP65 waterproof lights. It has a lifetime of more than 50000 hours with 18 months warranty. The company clarifies that in case of any problem you can apply for money back.

These LEDs have a beam angle of just 24 degrees which is quite lower than the others.

The main problem here is that it only comes with a packing of just 4 lights so it does not seem cost-effective.

  • Much Brighter light than others
  • No need for a transformer
  • Extra extension wire
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Low beam angle
  • Not cost-effective

3. Hypergiant 12W LED Garden Yard Path Lights

Hypergiant LED is one of the best products if you are seeking the light for illuminating your patio garden or backyard fences. It is not only for security purposes but also these lights are used for decoration because of their warm white light.

This light can be used as a focus light as well as a floodlight. This light is safe to use and install because it works on only 12 volts.

It has 6 lights in its packing. These are very easy to install but you need to buy a transformer to convert A.C to D.C 12 volt.

These lights have one good aspect than others that have a thick aluminium body and glass covering which can easily withstand rainy and snowy weather. This product also claims to be an IP65 waterproof design that shows its stability for long term use and as outdoor lighting.

These lights come with 6 pointed spike ends for the assistance in installation in lawns so these are easily rotatable. It has a bean angle of 90 degrees which is a good one angle with a 270-degree adjustable head.

The product is at a reasonable price but you will need to buy a transformer along with the product which is an expense.

The 2-years warranty is also available with this product which is a sign of the company’s trust in its product. Along with the warranty, this product also has a 6-month bonus for accessories replacement guarantee.

  • Pack of 6 lights in a low price
  • 2 years warranty
  • IP65 waterproof
  • No transformer with the lights
  • Much brighter light than normal

4. Hykolity LED Landscape Pathway Light

Path lights are the most common type of landscape lighting, which can be spread out down a walkway or used to frame out space or feature in a yard. It can also be a line up around a pond, down a path, and along the outline of the driveway.

It is the best product if you are searching for the path lights. It has a unique ability to energy-saving up to 80%. 

It also has a more wide beam angle of 139 degrees than any of the available lightings in the market. The light quality of these lights is very soft which does not disturb the person standing in front of them.

These lights have one unique quality of power-saving by running on just 3W power. This landscape lighting is designed as a stake so it is very easy to install in the ground.

It has a lifetime of more than 50000 hours which is a great value. It means if you turn on this light for 6 hours a day then it will last for 23 years.

Now comes the quality of the material of the lights. The material used for these lights is a great one. It also has a durable aluminum cast. This material can withstand the harsh environmental conditions like rain and snowy weather. 

This product also has a warranty of 5 years which is a sign of its better quality. The company also claims to replace the product if any damage happens to the product during delivery along with shipping costs.

  • One of the best pathway light
  • 5 years money-back warranty
  • Save 80% energy
  • The wide beam angle of 139 degrees
  • Material is very good
  • A little expensive but quality is more worthy than the cost

5. Paradise Garden Lighting Outdoor Landscaping Path Light

This product comes to the market in the packing of four to 12 lights. If you are struggling to find a low power consuming LED light for pathways then it’s your product you are searching for. 

These lights brighten the walkways in your lawn with its 20 lumens white light which is also a calm light for any person walking through these pathways.

The design of these lights is very elegant and modern which will be a good addition to your lawn before any event.

It gives a warm touch to your lawn by illuminating it with light. The best thing about these lights is that they are easy to install. You just need to insert the clips connector with the main cable and that’s all. 

The other best thing about these lights is that they don’t need any regular maintenance you just have to install them one time and then you have to just turn them on nothing besides it.

The light bulbs used in this product are of very high quality having the power of just 4W and T5 wedge incandescent light bulbs. The quality of material used for the body of these lights is good.

It also has resistance to harsh weather. The body material is used in such a way that it can tolerate the changes in weather having the ability to be rustproof. The black-coloured body material is used to make its more shiny look.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good value
  • Low voltage
  • No warranty
  • No replacement for damaged pieces

6. MEIKEE 7W LED Landscape Lights Pathway Lights

If you are searching for cost-effective pathway lights also with low power then your solution comes here in the form of MEIKEE LEDs having the power of just 7W. 

These lights are originally manufactured for the lawn decoration but these also have an extra benefit of their usage as security lights. These lights help to secure your home from intruders because they have left no place to hide.

These lights come in the packing of 8 packs consisting of bright lights of 800 lumens which are quite effective to decorate garden paths, patios, and fences with its white color.

These lights work on just 12-24V so it will be energy effective. It is the latest advancement to the world of pathways lights. You require a low voltage transformer to install them. The transformer is not included in the package so you have to buy it on yourself.

When it comes to the quality of lights, the lights are waterproof and have a thick aluminum body with a glass cover lens on it which can withstand the rainy and snowy weather conditions.

These lights have a beam angle of 45 degrees along with the adjustable heads at 270 degrees. Due to these adjustable head, you can focus light according to your desired point in the lawn. 

For installation, you don’t need any screws or any helpers. You just need to stick the stake below the lights where the point for sticking is present then you have to insert the spike end of the stick to the ground in your desired direction. 

You will need to buy a transformer, wire connectors, and low voltage wires by yourself because these are included in the package.

  • Standard price item
  • Waterproof
  • Withstand harsh weather
  • No warranty

7. INNERWILL Landscape Lighting 5W LED Garden Lights

If you are worrying that you do not have enough space in your lawn to install the lights on the ground then Innerwill LEDs are the best solution to overcome this problem.

These lights are small in size but in working they compete with the other on ground lights or you can say that may perform better if they are installed properly and their focus adjusted in manner.

These lights are not installed on the ground. Instead, they are mounted on the walls or hung with the fence. The small holes are present on the backside of the light body, you just have to hang them with the help of nuts.

These lights also have bells and whistles similar to the other lights which are a good addition at such an affordable price. These mounted lights give a much better look than just placing or sticking in the ground.

The best thing is the safety of the product from the damage by harsh environmental conditions due to the triplet waterproof sealant all along with the wire connections. 

They have a thick aluminium casting and tough lenses with premium-grade components. These can bear a little pressure and also have the body material that is rustproof and does not corrode easily.

If you take a look at the pricing of this product then you will see that price is very affordable for that great lighting. If you just see the benefits of these lights then you will see that a pack of 8 lights at such less price is money worthy.

  • Runs on both 12V or 24V
  • 90° beam angle is a good one
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Enhance the appearance of your home
  • Just need a little work of installing them on walls

8. ZUCKEO Remote Control LED Landscape Lights

These colour-changing lights will add colours to your busy life. These are perfect ones if you are trying to host a party at your place. Due to their colour-changing effects, you can make a good disco environment in your backyard at any event or the birthday party.

These lights have a super bright and upgraded color selection function. These are present in the market in an 8 pack of 6W lights with 600 lumens per one light and 16 different color selection along with 4 flashing modes.

The one best thing and unique function of these lights is their remote control function which has become the need of the hour nowadays. You just have to change the light colors at your hand distance. 

These lights have memory keeping function in it as they keep the memory when you turn them off and they will again run with the same color when again turn on. 

You just need a transformer and low voltage wires to install them on your ground surface. These are the spotlights so they have adjustable rotating heads so you can easily adjust the lights according to your event.

They have a lifetime up to 30,000 hours with 3 months replacement guarantee. In case of any damage, you also have 12 months warranty and 7*24 hours service guarantee after-sale.

  • Remote control
  • 16 colors with 4 flashing modes
  • Replacement guarantee
  • A lifetime of 30000 hours
  • Only best for parties and events

9. LEONLITE 12V Low Voltage LED Landscape Light

If you are worrying from the damaged lights or improper functioning of lights due to rainy weather or you are living in such an area where the rain commonly remains then these lights are best for you with the ability to withstand the heavy rains. 

The body of these lights is designed in such a way to do double the addition of beauty in your lawn or patches as one by lighting and another one by its beautiful look during day time. Especially if they are placed along the pathways.

These are available from packing of 6 to 12 with 3 shades of lighting color ranging from cool white, warm white to daylight. These are the best energy-saving lights than all of the others due to their brighter lights with just usage of 3W power.

The body is made of thick aluminum which is quite resistant to corrosion and also helps to dissipate the heat produced by lights to the outside which will help to extend the life span of the lights.

The installation is easy to work when it comes to these lights because they are easily connected with connecting wires with just plugging the plugs to each other. They are compatible with a low voltage of 12W even AC or DC.

The lifespan is claimed to be more than 50000 hours with 5 years warranty.

  • More life span of 50000 hours
  • 3 shades of lights
  • More convenient look
  • Energy saving
  • A little expensive but the working and quality is worth it.

10. SUNVIE Low Voltage Waterproof Garden Pathway Lights

The main problem of outdoor lighting nowadays is improper functioning or damage due to rain. To overcome this problem, SUNVIE manufactured this product which is completely waterproof.

The 8 pieces of lights are present in each package with a super bright shine of 900 lumens each. These are the best ones for yard fences and patio gardens. As the name of the product shows, it has super warm white light which is much worth loving for a person who has knowledge of the landscape lightings. 

The body is designed in such a way to make it waterproof which enhances the stability of the product in rains. 

It works with the extra-low voltage transformer at 12V on both AC or DC.

The beam angle of the lights is 90 degrees which are a sign that they cover more area than the other lights. It is the best product for trees, flags, and driveways. 

The installation of these lights is very easy as compared to other path lights but these will need an extra-low voltage transformer and connecting wires. 

  • Best for trees and fences
  • Waterproof
  • Super bright shine
  • Rotatable and widely acceptable
  • Non-corrosion resistant

11. Sunriver Low Voltage Landscape Spotlight

When it comes to the decoration of your house then the spotlights are the best item to choose. You cannot deny the fact that lights are the main source of adding beauty to your place at night time and when it comes to spotlights then it is much more heaven worthy. 

This product is the same about which you are right now thinking because it has warm white light which is well suited for decoration. When you want a warm atmosphere then these lights are worthy. They can be used alone or can be used with other coloured lights.

The body material is made of aircraft aluminium which openly describes that it is made of good material. It is much safer to use and cost-effective than other high voltage lightings with such warm lighting.

The other addition in its body material is its good sealant to make it waterproof. 

It works on 12V or 24 V compatible with a low voltage transformer. The transformer and electrical wire are not present in the package.

High-quality soda-lime glass is used for these lights which can withstand high temperature. 

It has a lifetime of more than 30000 hours.

The installation of these is a very easy step because a person having a little knowledge can easily install them.

The best thing about this product is the lifetime warranty given by the company. They also claim the 30 days guarantee with 24 months replacement warranty.

This product seems to be perfect for a good start for landscape lightings.

  • 8-meter illumination distance
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee
  • Great for illuminating pathway
  • Warm white lights
  • Uses a lot of space in your garden

How to Install Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

When you have decided to put landscape lights in your garden, the first thing you need to take a look at is the current setup of wiring. You should consider the setup you already have in place so that you could take a good start from the base.

You need to check that if there are any existing lighting present and now make a layout of how many new connections you will need to make. Make a note of the required items for new fixtures.

Mostly the residential places have the sources of outdoor lightings outside their houses to ease the installation. If you are facing difficulty in finding out the connections then you should call the electrician.

If you are planning to place pathway lights, they should be placed along the paths in such a manner that all the lights are a minimum 10 feet apart from each other.

The first fixture should be a minimum of 10 feet from the power source.

During the lining of lights, you need to use the 14 gauge cable for power having 200 watts or less. If your lights setup has more than 200 watts then use a 12 gauge cable.

If any obstacle is present in the lining of lights, then you should string the cable around it and try not to go through the bushes.

After the lining now you should prepare the ground for inserting the lightings. The first work is to dig up the 3-inch trench along the pathways. In this trench, you will line the cable in it.

After digging, now set up the transformer and power connection. Once you have installed the power source and transformer, now start digging holes of two to three inches to insert the stick of lights in them.

After holes digging start putting the cable in the trench and cover it again with soil and put the stand of lights in the holes.

Cover everything you dig up. Now make sure that every connection is well working before covering the holes.

After the whole soil place back, sprinkle some water on the soil to make it firmer on drying.

That’s all about installing the lights now just keep checking if there are any fused bulbs.

How to Test Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

When you have seen that your electricity has been running for many days then you should need to check the lights. This is how you can enhance the lifespan of lights. You need to test the transformer and bulbs separately to check the fault.

How to test the transformer?

You will need an ammeter and voltmeter for testing the lightings and also a little knowledge of these meter readings. Firstly, check the transformer and the lights.

Test the transformer by putting the meter head of the voltmeter with both output and input connections of the transformer. The reading will be recorded in voltages.

Now put the ammeter same way and note down the amperes readings. Now compare these readings with the user manual of the transformer if the reading is low then the problem is in the transformer.

How to test the light bulbs?

For testing the light bulbs the process is a bit different. Firstly, remove the bulbs from the socket and then note the voltage of the socket by a voltmeter. And again put back bulb in the socket and note down the amperes with the help of ammeter.

Again compare these readings with the user manual, if there is a difference between readings it means the problem is between transformer to light.

You need to do these routine checkups of lightings set up to keep the bulbs lightings or save them from any great damage.

best landscape light

Concept of landscape lighting

The concept of landscape lighting evolves in the last five to ten years. After this trend, the more advancement in the technology of these lightings has been done. 

After the advancements in low voltage technology, cost-effective LED lights are easily available in the market. These lights are more efficient in working.

Everyone wants to make his garden a much better look so we don’t know why you will deny this product because sitting in a lawn decorated with well-placed lighting brings calm to your mind. 

You might have seen that many people have placed these lightings in their lawn secretly for a long time but change their effects and angle to keep the lawn in a new look every season. 


➊ The best thing about these lights is that they have many light color effects so you can keep changing color effects which will be a good addition to your lawn beautification in any event. 

➋ If you have a good sense of designing your lawn then you will find these lights a heaven product for your lawn because the beauty is only worth when someone admires it. 

➌ Lighting will attract people and of course, they will admire it. If you are designing a new house or you are upgrading the old one, lawn up-gradation is a necessary thing. 

➍ Nowadays the trend emerging of extending your kitchen to outdoors so that you could enjoy your family meals on your lawn so you will try to keep your lawn more and more attractive which is only possible by keeping it more green and more flowers blooming in the lights of these LEDs.

➎ The main advantage of these outdoor lights is that they will be effective to keep your house safer from intruders. The lights will keep intruders away from your home because they mostly prefer dark places to hide so if these lights are placed correctly they will be helpful. 

How to set up?

Now if you are confused about how to set up your lawn lights, it is very easy to choose wisely the lights of low voltage. These low voltage lights will be more perfect for your lawns as they have soft light which will be very effective for outdoors. 

If you are trying to get an extraordinary display of your lawn with a comfortable light scene but you don’t have much time, money then you should try the landscape lights in your lawns. 

But now you will think about why I have to use the same products which everyone else is using and you want some elegant and classy look of your outdoor which should be cost-effective and easy to install on your own. 

It should not also require any shaky ladders or any tangled strings. Here come these low prices and low voltage lights that will not require more than 15 to 20 minutes of your precious time for the installation. In the end, you will end up listening to the ‘wow’ sound from your friends and family members. 

These lights are helpful to enhance the joy in your events like Christmas, holidays, wedding receptions, and any other outdoor event.

There are many products available in the market that can meet your requirement but here you should consider these low voltage lights that we are recommending you because of their less load on your wallet at the time of billing your electricity usage.

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You should must keep the user manual of all the products. Once you understand the whole process then it will be easy for you to keep things together without the help of an electrician.

After the reviews of previous buyers, we recommend you try the Hykolity LED Landscape Pathway Light if you are planning lightings for pathways and driveways because its beam angle is wider and it is energy-saving product along with 5 years warranty.

And if you are finding something good for landscape lighting for your lawn, patio or garden then you should give a try to LEONLITE 12V Low Voltage LED Landscape Light because it has 3 shades of warm to cool and daylight light which will cover three modes of light in one product.

You should must try the landscape lightings in your lawn to enhance its beautification.

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