10 Best Fertilizer for Pomegranate Tree

It’s the pomegranate season, we have been eating and reaping the benefits of last year’s hard work. If the overall tree health is disappointing even though you have tried fixing the watering schedule it’s time to invest in some fertilizers(i won’t ask you to pay for the expensive ones).

Pomegranate is a large rewarding shrub that is usually referred to as a pomegranate tree. It’s native to the Middle East, Mediterranean Europe, and North Africa. The fruit flowers usually appear in summer and the maturing and enlargement continue till the fall. 

Pomegranates are usually fertilized in the late winter to early spring so you have plenty of time to search for “the one fertilizer” for your pomegranate tree. There are tons of options available online.

It’s hard for a newbie to pick one. So, to ease your mind, fix your pomegranate tree I took some time out of my schedule to help you with your pomegranate tree.

Remember! Each case is different; what’s best for your pomegranate tree can only be decided by you. These are just the options that have worked for me and my fellas. Identify the problem first then look for the solution. Have a look at my recommendations, we’ll then discuss each of them separately.


Best Fertilizer for Pomegranate Tree

1. Dr. Earth natural wonder organic fruit tree fertilizer

Dr. Earth has been winning the race against many expensive brands for years. This company has been serving organic sustainable products since 1991. The fertilizers are made by collecting nutrients from the food scraps so they are 100% pet and kids friendly.

It’s not a specific pomegranate fertilizer but does wonders for the said tree. Dr. Earth non-GMO, pathogen-free contains probiotics ecto- and endo- mycorrhizae that stimulate healthy root development.

This balanced formula, which promotes tree health, adds goodness to the soil.  It can be used to boost health anytime during the year. Fertilizing pomegranate trees at the time of plantation would bring bountiful results. It can be used to fertilize fruit trees, berries, fruit vines in containers, and soil.


  • Organic
  • Easy to spread, easy to use
  • Kids and pets safe
  • Non-GMO, pathogen-free
  • Works for potted plants, and fruit trees equally
  • Promotes health and green color
  • Ensures stronger roots


  • Do not come with detailed instructions
  • It stinks
  • Got few complaints about mold forming

2. Jobes fertilizer spikes

Jobes has appeared on my several recommendation lists in these few months because of it’s supernatural results. This slow-release formula is super effective for trees and shrubs that are being planted in less fertile grounds.

Nitrogen helps in rapid growth, protein synthesis, and leaf development, phosphorus takes care of the respiratory and energy transferring functions, and potassium supplies nutrients and water to all necessary parts of the tree.

Easy to insert spikes keeps on supplying nutrients throughout growing and fruit formation seasons. The one-time application keeps on supplying nutrients for at least one complete year. For best results insert it either in spring or in fall. Ideal for other deciduous trees and shrubs as It contains all required tree and shrub nutrients.


  • Fast working
  • Easy to insert composition
  • Slow-release fertilizer keeps on supplying nutrients throughout growing and fruit season
  • No waste, no runoff, no hazardous materials, and no pungent smell
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Inorganic
  • Not a specific pomegranate fertilizer
  • Does not include directions for indoor plants

3. Down to earth all-natural tree and shrub 4-2-4 tree and shrub fertilizer

Down to earth is another hugely appreciated organic tree and shrub fertilizer that has been used to fertilize pomegranate and other similar fruit trees. 

The Balanced 4-2-4 formula is ideal for trees and shrubs that are growing in moderately fertile soils. Endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi do not just protect the fruit trees against common diseases but also ensures stronger root formation. Promotes shock and drought resistance in fruit trees and shrubs.

Contains corn gluten meal, fishbone meal, langbeinite, Azomite, humates, greensand, kelp meal, and mycorrhizal fungi for maintaining and promoting overall health.


  • Environmental friendly contains no plastic or synthetic materials
  • Protect against stress and promote extensive root formation
  • Generates drought resistance
  • Contains 4 species of endomycorrhizal fungi and 7 species of ectomycorrhizal fungi
  • Equally beneficial for undercut, bare-root tree shrubs, and vines.
  • Highly effective, fast working


  • No noticeable con yet

4. Jobe’s organic fruit and nut granular plant food

Jobe’s organic fruit and nut granular plant food is the gardener’s favorite nutritional supplement for fruit(including pomegranate) and nut trees. It has been formulated to shower nut and fruit-bearing plants with the nutrients they need.

A unique microorganism blend works for the betterment of trees by establishing better soil and tree relationship. Enhanced Biozome feature spreads the beneficial microbes into the soil that bring a healthy balance between the tree and its roots.

This USDA-certified granular fruit and nut tree, with giving a healthy boost helps in controlling diseases, insects, and some common unfavorable circumstances during the growing season.

Can be used at the time of plantation, soil preparation, and fully grown trees as well.


  • No synthetic material
  • Fast action formula
  • USDA certified
  • Easy to use
  • Promotes rich color
  • Gathered several positive reviews


  • Granular 

5. Earth pods natural flower and plant food capsule citrus and fruit formula

Earth pods citrus and fruit formula is known for bringing a revolutionary change in citrus and other fruit trees. Organic fungi, bacteria, and humic acid give unmatched support to the roots that they start exploding with good health.

Micro and macro-nutrient blend boost flower, fruit formation, leaf, and root growth not just in the pomegranate trees but also in avocado, tomatoes, lime, lemon, pepper, eggplant, dwarf banana, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and many other fruit-bearing trees.

This scientifically tested formula is claimed to be tested in the USA’s top laboratories. And like most of my suggestions on this list, it’s kids and pets safe. For remarkable results fertilize every 14 to 21 days.


  • Organic
  • No mess, no leakage, no measuring, no smell
  • Easier to use
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Eco friendly


  • No con came to notice yet

6. Jobe’s organic fruit and nut tree spikes

Jobe’s organic fruit and nut tree spike is just another form of fruit and nut granular food. This slow-release formula nourishes roots, leaves, and fruits.

This easy to use formula works wonderfully well for fruit and nut trees. The micro and macro-nutrient blend not just fulfills the nutritional needs of fruit and nut trees but also brings harmony between the soil and the tree roots.

This brand is known for manufacturing kids and pet-friendly formulas. And like most of the job’s organic products, these fertilizer spikes can be used around kids and pets.


  • Easy application
  • Organic
  • Easy application
  • Not so costly


  • Works well for fruit and nuts trees only

7. Jobe’s organics tree and shrub fertilizer spikes

Jobe’s organics tree and shrub fertilizer spikes have been in amazon choice for several times for the remarkable work it has done for the trees and shrubs.

Pre-measured easy-to-use fertilizer spikes prevent wastage, mess, and runoffs. The slow-release formula keeps supplying nutrients for a long period.

It works best for pomegranate, magnolia, juniper, cypress, and arborvitae trees. Follow the directions to bring your trees to a noticeable healthier state.


  • No wastage, runoff, or mess
  • Works fast
  • Pet and people-friendly


  • General tree fertilizer 

8. Miracle-Gro Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Spikes, 12 Spikes

That is my personal use product for pomegranate trees. It promotes lush foliage growth and fruit. There are no harmful ingredients in the composition of fertilizer. Natural ingredients are helpful for quick growth.

If you feed once per season it will help to promote roots growth and later fruits development. This fertilizer has a special absorption phenomenon as they directly release in roots than promote fruit and foliage growth.

It comes in very easy to use spikes. Make sure to apply the product after reading recommendations from the Miracle-gro brand.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Very easy to use spikes
  • Promotes fruit and foliage


  • Best seller product so sometimes not available

9. Jobe’s Organics 9586 All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, 1 lb, Brown

Jobe’s organics claim abundant fruit. Most of the fertilizers ignore beneficial microorganisms growth from soil. Ingredients of Jobe’s fertilizer helps to promote natural microbes growth in soil. These microbes help to balance natural soil nutrients.

It is totaly organic with no harm for pets and children.One pack contains three months food.It is better to use early in season.

It provides better growth of roots and fruits development.I recommend this product for pomegranate because it is natural and safe from toxic chemicals.


  • Promotes microbes growth
  • Natural product
  • Helps in fruit setting


  • Bit pricey as compared to other products

10. Nelson Citrus Fruit and Avocado Tree

This product contains 12% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphate, and soluble potash. Balanced nutritional factors help in root growth and fruit set. Additional calcium helps to increase the trunk and limb size of trees. It contains potassium which helps against cold weather.

It provides the right amount of ingredients for fruit setting and foliage growth. When you apply it works with soil physiology to help nutrients availability.

Nelson Citrus fruit fertilizer is not only good for pomegranate but it also helps avocado, citrus, and other fruits.


  • Best for fruit setting
  • Helps to maintain nutritional factors
  • The high amount of potassium and calcium


  • Not specific for pomegranate tree

These were the few tried and tested fertilizer recommendations. Generally, gardeners start looking for fertilizers when their trees look dull but in reality, their trees are more in need of scheduled watering. 

You can only find the one true working fertilizer for your trees after a careful soil test. These options are all great for what they are made but if one follows the directions carefully. There are several other promising options as well but I tried to keep the list short but it also wouldn’t be fair to deprive some other promising options off of their deserving place. So, here I am naming them.

  • Miracle-Gro Fruit and citrus plant food spikes
  • Organic citrus tone plant food
  • Southern Ag citrus nutritional spray
  • Down to earth citrus mix fertilizer
  • BGI fertilizers citrus grain citrus plant food
  • Simple truth organic granola clusters for blueberries, chia, and pomegranate

As I have mentioned in several other articles, I would love to take some burden off your shoulders here as well. Not all expensive brands and costly fertilizers are great. There are some inexpensive ones as well that are great for their job.

Do not get carried away by the attractive packaging go for the ones you find good for your soil. Test your soil, take your time, read the labels, and then make a thoughtful purchase.

My all-time favorite fertilizer for the pomegranate tree

Jobe’s organic is my go-to brand for pomegranate trees for several reasons. I have been personally using this brand(on various plants, trees, and shrubs) for at least a decade. For the sake of exceptional results, I have been buying and trying more products from this brand. I recommend this brand and all these above-mentioned jobe’s organic fertilizers.

How to find the right fertilizer for the pomegranate tree -Buyer’s guide

Pomegranate is among the few vitamin C rich trees that require regular fertilizer every two to four weeks in the active growing season (if they are not growing well). If the soil they are planted in is rich in nutrients then just fixing the watering schedule would bring advantageous results.

For exceptionally weaker pomegranate trees

10-10-10 a balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer is ideal for exceptionally weak burnt pomegranate trees.

For weaker pomegranate tree

For weaker( but not so weaker) pomegranate tree fertilizer with high nitrogen and balanced phosphorus and potassium content is enough to bring the expected results. Organic fertilizers are also good for maintaining the health of such trees. 

For healthy pomegranate trees

Healthy pomegranate trees do not “actually” need much fertilizing to do but if you still want that glow, organic fertilizers are best for this job.

If the soil is less fertile

If the soil is not so fertile for the pomegranate to grow and establish well then you should consider the slow-release fertilizer that just keeps on rewarding the soil with nutrients for a longer period.

If the soil is moderately fertile

The moderately fertile soil can be fixed using organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers improve soil structure which in turn makes the soil healthy.

Everything you need to know about fertilizing pomegranate

Pomegranate needs less fertilizing in the beginning but as the years are passing by the need starts increasing. Every next year the pomegranate tree would require the double amount of fertilizer you used last year.

How do you know your tree needs fertilizer?

You should consider fertilizing your pomegranate tree when either the tree is not setting the fruit or when the production is not up to the mark. 

What should you look for in pomegranate fertilizer?

You should look for nitrogen as an active ingredient or if nitrogen is missing you should look for organic ones. There are some organic fertilizers as well they are also good for maintaining pomegranate health.

When should you fertilize pomegranate?

Fertilizers work best on pomegranates when are applied in late winters to early fall(during flowering and fruit setting periods). This is the peak season so fertilizing at this stage would bring supernatural results.

Can you use citrus fertilizer on pomegranate?

Yes, some fertilizer brands offer for major fruit trees. There can be little difference between the soil requirements of citrus and pomegranate fruits. Always use fertilizer after reading recommendations by brand.



There are so many brands in the market that are known for boosting the pomegranate tree health but these were the few favorite ones. All of them are good for their respective jobs(if you follow the instructions properly) but if I have to name one I would recommend jobe’s organic granular plant food or jobe’s organic fruit tree and nut spikes(i ended up naming two). Partially established pomegranate trees need more fertilizing than the newly planted ones. 10-10-10 is the most recommended formula for pomegranate trees. 

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