6 Best fertilizer for Podocarpus – 2021 Reviews and Guide

Picking the best fertilizer for Podocarpus is easy if we know the nutritional requirements of the plant.

Podocarpus is an evergreen, easy to grow tree plant that could be a great addition to your outdoors with its unique features. It is quite fussy in terms of growth in low lighting situations but it can grow faster if it is applied with the proper sunlight. 

Its special and unique characteristics include its vast uses in the outdoors as it can be a barrier for many things to your property as well its long conical leaves adding the beauty to your livings.

Podocarpus originally is a yew pine shrubby plant that can be trained as a topiary by shaping. The reason behind its popularity among the community is its evergreen nature and tolerance to air pollution, poor drainage, and compact soil having drought problems.

Evergreen feature of this shrubby tree maintains its leaves throughout the year even when all other plants have lost their leaves and gives the fussy looking bark and woods. In these times this tree plant will keep its lush green beauty.

The growth of this shrubby plant is totally dependent on the water and fertilizer timely applied. The timely applied fertilizer will help the plant to grow faster otherwise it will take years to become a full tree.

These plants mainly grow up to the height of 8 to 10 feet with the upright and pyramidal form with evergreen leaves that are resistant to deer damage. But you can maintain the height as per your need by pruning the plant at the right time.

The pruning is the most crucial time for this tree as the pruning is the main thing that will help to maintain the plant without converting it to some forest plant.

Buying Guide: Best fertilizer for Podocarpus

Feeding the podocarpus is the most important step in its whole growth cycle as the growing speed of the plant is totally dependent on the fertilizer you applied.

Podocarpus plants used the fertilizers fully in the months of June and September so these two months are considered to be best for fertilizing.

In the whole growing season, the podocarpus macrophyllus is fertilized three times. The recommended NPK ratio for feeding the podocarpus is 6-6-6 which openly shows that these plants need all the major nutrients in an equal amount to maintain their growth. 

The amount of fertilizer a plant need is dependent on the trunk size of the plant as usually the 2-3 lbs of food is enough for the plants with a truck size of fewer than 6 inches.

Any fertilizer having all the NPK ratio number equal can be applied to these plants but we built this guide with the best available fertilizers so that you don’t have to 

Knowing the right proportion of nutrients is not enough as the main difficulty the user’s face is during choosing the right fertilizer as a sea of products is available in the market. 

Reviews: Podocarpus fertilizers

1. J R Peters 52024 Jacks Classic No.1.5 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer

J R Peters is a well-known producer of fertilizers. This is an all-purpose fertilizer that can be applied to any plant species to help it thrive. 

The NPK proportion of this fertilizer shows the equal amount of all the major nutrients as 20-20-20 that resembles the requirements of podocarpus. 

The best thing about this product is that it has many micronutrients along with NPK that are basic requirements for the plant for healthy growth.

This fertilizer will show the 100% results if applied as directed as it is made from the finest raw materials. 

The water solubility of this plant food makes it an easily available solution for plants to meet the fertilizer requirements. It can be applied both through the leaves and roots.

This food helps the fast green-up and expansion of plants by formulating the roots and shoots development.


  • Chelated formulas for improved performance
  • Fast green-up and expansion
  • Formulated for root and shoot growth
  • Can be applied both by leaves and roots due to water-soluble nature
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoor plants


  • Not any cons

2. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N feed plant food is a vital product for feeding the trees and shrubs. This food is formulated with natural ingredients that help to nourish the above and below the soil.

This plant food is formulated with feather meal, bone meal, kelp, and earthworms in a better proportion that helps the nourishment of microbes in the soil to improve the soil health.

These microbes will help the breakdown of the organic matter to support the growth of roots and to increase the water efficacy.

It is a specially designed formula for feeding the trees, shrubs, and other acid-loving plants. It will work better for feeding the podocarpus even if they are growing in containers or in-ground.

This food keeps supporting the plant growth for 3 months by a single application.


  • Can be used for both in-ground and container plants
  • Provides continuous feeding for 3 months
  • Best food product for trees like podocarpus
  • Contains the natural ingredients to feed soil microbes
  • Helps to maintain the lush green foliage


  • No good results if not used as directed

3. Bio Advanced 701615 12 Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Concentrate

Bio Advanced feed concentrate is a nutrient-rich formula that works for plants in two ways as by feeding as well as protecting from pest attacks.

This one-time investment formula will work great for the podocarpus by enhancing the growth of the plant and keeping them safe from the diseases. 

The best thing about this food is that it feeds the plants for 12 months with a single application and protects from insects like Japanese Beetles.

This slow reading formula helps to improve the soil and plant health with time. 

It works as insecticides due to the presence of the active ingredient of Imidacloprid in it which will kill the pests and secure the plant for the next growing season.

Always follow the directions on the package to get better results. You just need to pour the food as required and mix well and apply to plants.


  • Helps to control the pests attack with a single formula
  • Works as both fertilizer and pesticide
  • Contains active ingredient of imidacloprid to kill pests
  • Helps to nourish the plant’s growth


  • It could damage the plant if overdose applied

4. Scotts 200910 Evergreen Flowering Tree & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food

Scotts continuous release plant food is a formulation having all the essential nutrients in a good proportion for the trees and shrubs. 

It encourages the lush foliage and root growth to increase water efficacy. You just need to apply this food to the plants directly as directed by the producer.

This plant food is the best supplement food to enhance the growth of many evergreens including podocarpus, hydrangeas, dogwood, and magnolias and for many shrubs like camellias, rhododendrons.

The best thing about this product is that it is very easy to use, all you need is to apply the directed amount to the plant and water them. 


  • Enhances the lush foliage
  • Improves the growth of the roots
  • Complete blend for podocarpus, hydrangeas
  • Easy to apply


  • Can cause burning if not applied as directed

5. Golden Tree: Best Plant Food For Plants & Trees – All-In-One Concentrated Organic Additive

Golden Tree plant food works also as gold for plants and trees. This is a highly concentrated organic plant food that helps to promote the plant growth parameters. 

If your plants or trees are dying off due to low nutrients supply then this food will work as a miracle for dying plants. It supports the photosynthetic activity of plants by providing the additives and fertilizer to the plants at the same time.

This food does support the plant growth if applied 1 to 3 times a week. 

This is a professional-quality fertilizer that can help you to transform your outdoors into lush green gardens.


  • Compatible for any plant type
  • Increase the yield quantity and quality
  • Provides all the essential nutrients and additives to the plants
  • Decrease vegetation time by 50%


  • The proportion of nitrogen is not defined by the company

6. Grow More 5010 All Purpose Fertilizer 20-20-20

This water-soluble plant food by Grow More is a highly analyzed and all-purpose formula that can provide all the nutrients to the growing plants. 

The water solubility nature of this food makes its easy availability to the plants on dissolving after watering. It is a balanced formula for the plants growing in the soil.

The best thing about this plant food is that it has the multi-sources of nitrogen release which helps the lush green foliage and nitrogen availability to the plants.

Due to water-soluble nature, it can be applied both through the foliar application and soil.

The application is very simple with sprayers by dissolving the 1 tablespoon of food per gallon of water.


  • The balanced and high analyzed formula for evergreen plants
  • Can be used in both soil and foliar
  • Promotes the lush green foliage
  • Complete blend for evergreen plants


  • Does not supply the P and K

Landscape uses for podocarpus macrophyllus

  • Screen
  • Hedge
  • Camouflage plant
  • Specimen
  • Houseplant
  • Topiary
  • The backdrop for small plants
  • For shade along porch or paths
  • The lining of walk or driveways

Types of Podocarpus

These below-mentioned species are the best podocarpus types that grow well in the Northern and Southern America, Central America and Bolivia.

  • Podocarpus brasiliensis
  • Podocarpus celatus
  • Podocarpus guatemalensis
  • Podocarpus magnifolius
  • Podocarpus purdieanus
  • Podocarpus trinitensis

How To Fertilize Podocarpus

These are some useful tips to know before fertilizing podocarpus to get maximum growth of plants. 

  • The fertilization process starts before and during the active growing cycle. You need to start fertilizing just prior to new growth and end 3 to 4 weeks before first frosting.
  • The frequency of fertilization depends on the type of fertilizer. Slow releasing fertilizers require less frequent fertilization while the liquid and granular fertilizers need more frequent application.
  • If you are using the granular fertilizer, spread the granules a little away from the trunk of the tree to avoid the burning.
  • While if you are using a water-soluble fertilizer, apply it thoroughly after drenching the leaves and soil.
  • Water the soil after applying any fertilizer.
  • Always follow the direction on the package.

How To Prune Podocarpus

By following these steps you can get your Podocarpus in better shape.

  • Prune the bigger sized plants to encourage the beauty of the flowers and growth
  • While doing the pruning of a plant, make angled cuts just above the bud
  • The removal of old leaves or branches will help to reduce the disease and pests attack. This act will also increase the flow of fresh air through the tree canopy.
  • Cut down the dead stems to live in the woods.
  • Prune the branches that could get the damage to any person or power lines by falling by any winds.
  • For pruning or shaping the plants, use the proper tools like pole pruners, pruning saws, shear, and hand pruners.
  • Always keep in mind to fertilize after the pruning to speed up the growth.

How to grow podocarpus from cuttings

While you are going to grow the podocarpus from cuttings then you will need to follow some useful steps that ensure the maximum output of your work.

You should propagate the podocarpus by taking a softwood cutting from the new growth ad keep it moist until the new roots grow from it.

Step 1

  • You have to wait till June or July to take the cutting from the podocarpus. You should select a healthy parent plant.

Step 2

  • You should take a cutting in the morning as stems will be moist and firm at that time. Trace the tip of the branch to the point where it is no more flexible and cut the stem from that place from where the woody stem is starting and about the three to five inches form the tip.

Step 3

  • By keeping the above two leaves, remove all the other leaves from the cutting and shave off a small sliver of wood near the cut end of stem by a knife.

Step 4

  • Now fill the cup with tap water ad place the cut ends of cutting in the water. Keep the cutting in the water until they develop roots and keep changing the water every two to three days.

Podocarpus Plant/Tree care

For proper growth of podocarpus, care needs to be taken from the very first day till maturity.

Add the organic peat moss and cow manure compost to the hole before planting the plant.

Trimming is the second most important thing to be taken care of after fertilization, as by trimming is done frequently depending on the look you want. At a younger age, the plant could look like spindly and sparse, so the trimming of these plants is done in the spring season.

If the plants are at a younger stage, then hand pruners can be used to get a better shape by leaving enough foliage after trimming. But the mature plant can be trimmed by hedge trimmers if you want to get a better look.

Though this plant is drought tolerant, regular watering will help to grow the plant faster by keeping a little dry out the time between watering.

Podocarpus are fertilized with granular fertilizer three times a year in spring, summer, and autumn.

Podocarpus Problems

Many problems arose in the growing of podocarpus in the whole life cycle – that could be soil-borne or plants borne. 

Magnesium deficiency could be seen in the podocarpus growing in sandy soils, that can be cured by magnesium sulfate. It could get under the attack of mites and scale.

The infestations of tiny pests can be cured by using horticultural oils and keep the plants well-watered.

Mold or mildew could be also seen if the watering is done from the above side of plants. To overcome this problem use drip irrigation or soaker hoses for irrigation the plants. 

The podocarpus is a well-known plant having the tolerance to many problems so if ignored for some time it will not harm the podocarpus.


How do you make Podocarpus grow faster?

The Podocarpus growth rate totally depends on light availability. Podocarpus grows faster in the bright sunlight so growing these plants at the spot where there is much reach of light will help to grow taller and faster.

Like other green-leaved plants, they also need regular watering though they can grow even with low watering. 

How often should I water Podocarpus?

Podocarpus needs the moist soil but not very soggy – but allowing the upper two inches of soil to dry out before every watering. 

Before watering keep an eye to plant conditions as the brown leaf tips or grey needles are the indication of overwatering. 

You need to water your podocarpus every two weeks in the spring and summer during the active growth season.

Maintain the mulch layer of 2 to 3” to keep the soil moist for more time.

How far apart should you plant Podocarpus?

Podocarpus spacing is recommended 3 feet apart. If you are growing them away from the house then the spacing is kept 2-½ feet but in case of walk or driveway, this spacing is kept 4 to 5 feet for gaining mature sized plants.



Fertilizing podocarpus is the main thing to be taken care of while growing them for a hedge or screen. The fertilizers will help the plants to grow well by promoting lush green foliage and the spread of shoots.

But choosing the best fertilizer for podocarpus is not less than a headache as a vast fertilizer product is present in the market. So we built this guide to ease you in choosing the right one for your podocarpus.

After applying the fertilizer your plants will thrive and you can shape them by pruning by shears or trimmers.

We hope that you might get enough knowledge about fertilizing the podocarpus and the products. 

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