8 Best Above Ground Pool Under 1000 – 2021 Reviews

As all homeowners want to have a beautiful in-grounded pool in their backyard where they could spend time with their family members in daily routine or somewhat party times. 

But the only thing that comes across their dream is the expensive build-up of inground pools and space. To overcome this problem the inexpensive way to enjoy pooling is the above-ground pools. 

These above ground pools offer the same benefits as the in-ground pools. You and your children could enjoy swimming in the hot summer days splashing through the water while adults would get the opportunity to have swim exercises alike to the in-ground pools.

Above ground, pools do come in the market in various price ranges from 50$ to 5000$. Many people do have a desire to have their own above ground pools but they can’t afford the expensive ones so we built this guide to let you know about the best available ground pool options under 1000.

In this guide, all the best-rated products are added to the list after extensive research and the reader’s feedback. We hope that this guide will not only enhance your knowledge about the perks of above ground pools but also save several bucks and time.


Benefits of an Above Ground Pool

While the inground pools have a much more elegant look over the above ground pools, the above-ground pools offer so many advantages that cannot be hidden from anyone. These valuable features make them an ideal choice for many homeowners.


Cost of the above ground pool, whether the initial or maintenance cost, it’s just a fraction as compared to the in-ground pool costs. By choosing the above ground pools, you will save thousands of dollars from the very first day. 

Similarly, due to the smaller size and shape, they need less maintenance and cleaning chemicals. You will notice a much less maintenance cost in case of its cleaning and damage. In the meantime, above-ground pools consume less electricity than in-ground pools. 

Ease of installation and maintenance

The main benefit of the above-ground pools after the cost comes in the form of easy installation. By choosing the above ground pool option you will get relief from the headache of getting help from the construction company to build and maintain an in-ground pool by spending several thousands of dollars. 

The maintenance of above ground pools does also come in the owner’s friendly way as you can do it by yourself without spending dollars on any professional services. 


Whenever you bring or build anything, the first thing that comes to your mind is the safety of your loved ones. As the in-ground built pools have the risk of children or pets falling to it, but the above-ground pools are free from these types of hazards. 

The above-ground pools are free of the expense to build up the fence or small deck for safety. But the danger will still be higher in inground pools than above-ground ones.


It will be breathtaking for you to leave the home built in an in-ground pool when you are moving to a new home. At that time the importance of above ground pools will come forward as you can. They are portable to accompany you wherever you go.

All you need to do is to empty and clean them and fold them and put them in your luggage.

Reviews: Best above ground pool under 1000

1. Summer Waves Elite 14′ x 42″ Premium Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool

This 14′ x 42″ framed pool is a premium product by Summer Waves for your house. It has some unique features that make it a preferable choice among other products.

The oval-shaped frame tube of this pool has a resilient structure that can last for years. It is equipped with a SkimmerPlus SFX 1000 filter pump that has the ability of a perfect hydro aeration system to keep the water fresh.

This set includes the GFCI 2 in1 filter system, type C filter, cover, and step ladder. You can say that it has included everything you need for endless fun.

This above ground pool has the filling capacity of 3300 gallons of water up to the height of 38” if you keep the water level 4 inches below than the brim as the overall height is 42”.

It can be a perfect option for chilling with your children.


  • GFCI 2 in 1 filter pump
  • SFX 1000 filter system
  • The capacity of 3300-gallon water
  • Overall height is 42”
  • Filter pump with a hydro-ventilation system
  • Weight if the product is 150 pounds
  • Durable structure and frame
  • Better-quality purification & circulation mechanism
  • Excessive water clarity
  • Convenient lock/unlock procedure
  • Puncture resilient manufacture
  • Detachable stepladder

2. Intex 12ft x 30in Metal Frame Round Swimming Pool Set 530 GPH Pump & 6 A Filters

This spacious Intex is the best above ground pools that can help you to enjoy and relish in the hot summer days.

This 12-foot x 30-inch Metal Frame Pool Set with the Intex 530 GPH filter pump and 6 additional filter cartridges are the features that make this product lovable among the people. This filter pump keeps the water clean and fresh so that it keeps you happy while splashing through the water.

The metal frame of this pool has been convenient and valuable for users for many years. It is the best alternative to the inflatable pools.

PVC material used in this pool ensures its long term serving to the users. A set-up instructional guide in the form of a DVD is available with the product to help you install the pool.


  • Intex 530 GPH filter pump to keep the water clean
  • 9011 gallon of water capacity
  • Guidance DVD included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient for years
  • 6 additional filter cartridges
  • The best alternative to steel-walled pools
  • A durable alternative to inflatable pools

3. Bestway 56680 Steel Pro, 12ft x 30in, Above Ground Round Frame Pool Set

This 12ft x 30in steel frame above ground pool will be a great addition to your backyard. The exceptional features of this pool set make it the most selling pool product.

The high-quality filter pump with a capacity of 330 gals ./hr makes it a valuable one among others with the total water holding capacity of 1710 gallons.

The best thing about this product is the superior frame design with a 3-ply PVC support band featuring the corrosion and rust resistance. It is the best choice for both adults and kids with more durability and stability than inflatable pool options.

The flow controlled drain valve attached at the lower side provides an easy solution for emptying the pool while the Chemconnect chemical dispenser feature of this pool replaces the need for a traditional floating chemical cleaner.


  • 12′ x 30″ steel frame
  • Water capacity 1710 gallons
  • Type V cartridge filter
  • 330 gal./hr filter capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Drain valve to easily drain off
  • Tri-Tech material provides strength
  • Chemconnect chemical dispenser replaces chemical cleaner

4. Fast Set 18′ x 48″ Pool Set

It is named as Fast set as it is specially designed for quick and easy set-up. It is also the product of Bestway company that is manufacturing the pools for many years to provide the splashing fun for summer parties.

It can be set up for fun in just minutes as you just need to inflate the top ring with air and fill the pool with water.

The material used in its manufacturing is the most worthy thing that has the ability to last for years. It is made of 3-ply walls that are heavy-duty PVC and polyester combination.

The pool accessories provided with the pool are ladder for easy access, 1500 gallon filter pump, pool cover, and protective ground cloth. 

The drain valve option to control flow allows the user to easily drain the water to close the pool in offseason.


  • 3-ply sidewalls
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • Polyester walls
  • 18′ x 48″ Dimensions
  • Water capacity 5596 gallons
  • 1500 gallon filter pump
  • Ladder for easy access
  • Quick set up 

5. Intex 12ft X 30in Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

This inflatable above ground pool set by Intex is the unignored product in the pool industry. The quality features of this pool set make it the most selling inflatable pool under 1000 range.

The easy and quick set up of this pool helps this product to make its space in many backyards. The dual suction outlets fitting of this pool set makes the water circulation in such a way to improve water hygiene.

The high-quality filter pump of 110-120 volt is easy to install and helps to fill the pool in a few minutes. The pump filter capacity is 530 gallons per hour that is much better than other pool options. The water capacity is 1485, that’s an impressive figure.

When it comes to the quality of the pool then we think you should not worry after the manufacturer brand name as it is made of Super-Tough laminated PVC sidewalls that allow the super experience for many years.

The drain pump allows emptying the pool in a better way for easy storage in offseason.


  • 110-120 volt filter pump
  • Ready to water in just 10 minutes
  • Easy and quick set up
  • 530 gallons per hour filter capacity
  • Water capacity is 1485 gallons (80%)
  • Set-up and maintenance DVD
  • Convenient drain plug 
  • Dual suction outlet fittings improve water circulation
  • Pool height 36 inches

6. Intex 10ft x 30in Metal Frame Swimming Pool with Filter Pump

Here is yet another amazing above ground pool by Intex which has all the best elements that you desire. This Intex 10′ x 30″ Metal Frame Set Pool enables you to spend some quality fun time in cool water with your friends.

The easy assembling of this pool helps to enjoy with friends and family in no time for setting up. This Intex’s Metal Frame Set Pool provides both value and convenience for years of family enjoyment. 

The inclusion of the Intex 330 GPH filter pump and H type filter cartridge plays their role to keep the water fresh and clear.

The addition of a maintenance kit with a pool set is done by this product only as this kit is necessary for each pool to clean the debris and leaves. You just need to attach the vacuum to a 94-inch telescoping pole and by connecting the hose suck the debris to the debris bag.

The super tough PVC material helps to make the pool body resistant to gasoline, salt, and oil.


  • 10′ x 30″ Metal Frame
  • Intex 330 GPH filter pump
  • One Type “H” filter cartridge
  • Pool Maintenance Kit for cleaning debris from the water
  • Affordable and easy to set-up
  • Resistant to damage from abrasion, impact, and sunlight
  • Super PVC material used
  • Value and convenience for years

7. Bestway Steel Pro 9.8ft x 5.6ft x 26in Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool

This rectangular above ground pool set provides you more space for enjoying and swimming in the hot summer days by staying cool in freshwater. 

The impressive dimensions of 9.8ft x 5.6ft x 26in show that it is best for children and adults both. It is as easy to take it down at season end as it is easy to set up. 

The 58382US filter pump with the capacity flow rate of 330 gallons helps to filter the water while you are enjoying it with your family. It has the compatible 58168 cartridge that helps in filtering the water. 

The best thing about this pool set is its high-quality frame and polyester 3 ply sidewalls that are made to last for years, season to season. The rust-resistant steel frame with heavy-duty PVC sidewalls ensures the value of the pool. 

The drain valve with the pool has the attachment for a garden hose to help you to drain out the water away from the pool set. 


  • 330 GPH Filter Pump (110-120V)
  • 58168 compatible cartridge
  • 3 ply side PVC sidewalls
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 118 x 79 x 26 inches 
  • Provides durability and stability
  • Protective from UV and abrasion damage
  • Pin-clip design is the feature to ensure stable joint
  • Flow-controlled drain valve 

8. Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool

Another inflatable option added to our list by the lawn desire experts after the researching and previous users’ positive reviews does come in the form of 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool by Summer Waves.

The easy set up of this pool makes ready for water in just 10 minutes. The material used for its walls manufacturing is very much durable and puncture-resistant as it is the tough sidewalls of 3-ply materials.

The filter pump used in this pool set is RX600 that is much convenient in its work to filter the water. The GFCI pump ensures the safety of swimmers by giving clarity to water.

The pool has impressive dimensions of 15 x 15 x 3 feet that give quite enough room for 4 people easily. 

The water capacity of this pool set is 2640 gallons that are also higher than other inflatable pools and provide more room for swimming.


  • 15-foot x 36-inch pool
  • RX600 filter pump
  • GFCI filter pump for safety
  • 2640 gallons of water capacity
  • 3-ply sidewalls
  • Ready to water in 10 minutes during setup
  • 15 x 15 x 3 feet dimensions
  • More room for swimming
  • Enough space for 4 persons

Factors to Consider When Buying an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

1- Take your budget into account

Whenever we are buying anything the main factor we consider is the cost. The same way it is still the main factor in buying the above ground pools.

As you know that in-ground pools end up after spending $30k to $70k but in case of above ground pools you have many options from 100$ to 5000$. The most expensive above ground pool will touch 5000$ that is far less than inground pools.

The price ranges of above ground pools do not only differ in their sizes but somehow material too.

2- Choose a location

Selection of location cannot be missed there as while buying the above ground pools you should keep in mind the space you have in your backyard. Choose the location that is free of the dumps, roots, and mushy place.

3- Measure the Area

While thinking about the space you have in your backyard don’t count your instinct but measure it accurately and then buy the above ground that fits incorrectly. There should be enough space to move around the pool.

The above-ground pools do come in various sizes and heights. So choose the right one wisely.

4- Choose the Pool Height and Shape

After choosing the location and measured area, you would have enough knowledge to decide the shape of the pool you want i.e oval, square, or rectangular.

The other thing after the shape is the height of the pool that ranges from 36 to 54 inches. 

5- Filter

This feature is included in some pools as the filter will keep the water safe and sanitary for you while you leave the pool for an extended time.

But the small pool can be empty after use so they don’t need these filter systems.

6- Decide the Type/Frame (Types of pools)

However, many types of above ground pools are available in the market but the most common types are described below with their pros and cons:

Steel Pools

Steel made pools are considered as the strongest ones by their structure but the rusting can be issued in them. But they are cost-effective. The ideal steel made pools have galvanized coating to resist the rusting and corrosion.

Aluminum pools

Aluminium build pools are considered the ideal ones for turbulent weather areas. When they are exposed to the open air, a transparent layer of aluminium oxide forms around the body that resists the ageing and rusting.

The only backward of this type is that they can be victims of pittings caused by oxidation.

Resin pools

Resin pools are the most common ones that you will find at almost every pool lover’s home. Their walls are made of steel and the rest of the body is made of thick plastic that is known as resin. 

The main benefit of these pools is their cost-effectiveness but their only backside is the risk of cracking and fading with time especially when they are exposed to the harsh weather conditions.

Hybrid Above-Ground Pool

They are named hybrid pools as they are made by combining the resin and steel. They have the features of resin pools with the strength of steel pools. The best hybrid models offer the true radius top edges and contoured resin components to enhance the look of the product.

above ground water pool under 1000

How to Install an Above Ground Pool?

Installation is the most interesting part of the above-ground pools but all models have their unique way of installing process due to various types.

Commonly all the above ground pool products have their user manual book or DVD. You can easily install the pool by following the steps in just 1-3 hours. But some things to be taken care of are:

  • Before installing make sure to select the levelled surface.
  • Select the place that is not wet, mushy, or have the tree’s roots coming outside to the surface as they can damage the vinyl surface of the pool.
  • Make sure that there should be at least 3-4 feet space available around the pool after installing it.
  • The selected place should have easy access to plug the pump and heater into the outlet.
  • After installing, keep the pool covered when it is not in use.

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Above Ground Pool FAQs

Q: When to buy an above ground pool?

A: Off-season(fall season) is the best time to buy the pool. As in this season, you will get your favourite pool for much less price because in those days the stores want to clear the inventory.

Q: What is the best pool shape round or rectangular?

A: Deciding the shape of the above-ground pool depends on your choice as the round pools are best for parties however the rectangular ones give you the most area to swim.

Q: What is the best pool brand?

A: Firstly, you should go for the brand that backs up their product with a warranty. The famous brands that manufacture the pools products are:

  • Intex
  • Summer Waves
  • Bestway

The products by these manufactures are most liked one due to their quality and long-lasting features.

Q: What is the best time to set up/open my above ground pool? 

A: The best to set up the above ground pool is when the temperature is at least 60 degrees or higher. This act will help to prevent the development of algae in the pool.

Q: When to close my ground pool? 

A: You need to close the pool if the temperature stays below 60 for three days consecutively.

Q: What is the ideal depth of above ground pools?

A: Pools are available with various depth ranges from 36 to 54 inches. You can decide your desired one according to your need i.e children or adults. However, keep in mind that the water level should be at least 6 inches below the brim.

Q: How to drain out water from my above ground pool?

A: To drain out the water from the above ground pool, you will need to use the hose connectors or the pump to clear out the water.

Q: Why some people cover their above ground pool? 

A: Covering the pools with pool covers is a good practice especially in the harsh weather conditions and in winters. It can also be kept covered for the safety of your pets and children.

Q: What is pool shocking, should I shock my above ground pool?

A: The addition of chlorine and other sanitizers three to five times more than regular to keep the pool clean and safe is called pool shocking. It is mostly done at night to minimize the loss of chlorine by sunlight.


Above ground, pools are the better addition to your backyards that can convert them to the oasis as well providing you with the cheapest source to escape from harsh summers.

We hope that with this comprehensive guide you have got substantial knowledge about the types and shapes of above ground pools. Alike to other products, above ground pools too have the pros and cons. 

But you can choose wisely the appropriate above ground pool for your backyard after reading the guide.

Select your favourite pool quickly and enjoy the refreshing pool time with your friends and family in summers.

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